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Fall Fun – BHGRE Season of Sharing

Autumn is knocking. Whether you want to go out and enjoy the crisp, cool air or stay nice and cozy inside we have tons of activities, craft ideas, and recipes to fill your Fall!  

Fall Activities

Get ready for Fall with these awesome activities. 

  • Start a new family tradition and create unforgettable blanket forts with the kids. Pick a new theme every few weeks to change it up. One night could be space themed–hang twinkling lights and paper mache planets.

  • Uncover some clever ways to add fall flair to your porch.  
  • Check out these incredible tips on how to host a fall backyard gatheringIf you set a buffet, don’t forget to disinfect the serving utensils.  
  • Get festive and get decorating 
  • Apple picking is a great activity to do while practicing social distancing. Try out some of the apple recipes below and donate a basket of apples to those in need. 
  • Create your own family board game. Use the bottom of a cardboard box as the board and create little pieces of out clay. Make your own little world with silly rules and fun twists.  
  • What better thing to do with all that fall foliage than have a pet photoshoot? Don’t forget to film a slow-motion video of your pet plunging into a pile of leaves.

  • Host a virtual paint and sip night! Pick a fall-themed subject to paint and send it to everyone before you start. Everyone can paint on a canvas or regular paper while catching up and sipping on warm apple cider or wine. 
  • We all could use some serious comfy relaxation time. Discover great tips on how to make your home cozier for Fall.  

 Fall Crafts

Below are some craft ideas you will Fall in love with.  

  • Click here for some unbeleaf-able crafts using leaves.
  • Fall is all about getting cozy! Since we’re spending more time inside, discover how to make a weighted blanket so you can stay warm and comfortable 
  • Create your very own leaf-shaped dish to hold jewelry or change. Press a leaf that you like onto a rolled-out piece of clay. Using a knife, carefully trace the leaf. When you’re done, slowly pull the leaf off and gently curl the sides up. Place newspaper around the edges, so it holds its shape and looks like a dish. Once it’s dried, paint it any color you want and seal it with a gloss or matte sealer to protect the finish 
  • Here are some simple fall crafts and handmade ideas to make your home ready for autumn.  
  • Discover gourdgeous farmhouse fall decor ideas.   
  • Treat yourself! Make your own Fall scented candles such as cinnamon, pumpkin, or apple. First, find a glass jar you want to use as the container. Double the amount of wax you would use to fill the container and melt it in a double boiler while stirring frequently. Mix in whatever fragrance oil you choose. Place the wick on the bottom of your jar and slowly pour in the wax. Secure the wick while the wax hardens by sandwiching it between two chopsticks. You can also glue cinnamon sticks onto the outside of an old candle to make your home smell incredible. 

  • Find festive fall decoration ideas here. 
  • Make a variety of pinecone creations! Create cute little hedgehogs by making a face and limbs out of clay. Adhere the face onto the pinecone and glue on googly eyes and a small black nose. You could also make a flower bouquet by gluing pinecones to the end of sticks and painting each one a different color. Another option is to design a wreath using pinecones and colorful leaves and flowers. 

Fall Recipes

Stir up some delicious food and drinks. 

Ways to Give Back

Fall into a charitable spirit with these ideas on how you can give back.  

  • Spring isn’t the only time for cleaning. Go through your summer gear and gather things you can donate. 
  • Be neighborly. Check on your neighbors and see if there is anything you can help them with. Rake the leaves in their yard, clean their gutters, or pick up their groceries.  
  • Make blankets to donate to the homeless and others who need to keep warm. You can recycle your old clothes to create a DIY t-shirt blanket as well.  
  • October is National Book Month so set aside some time to go through all of your books and make a donation box.  

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