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Winter Fun – BHGRE Season of Sharing

Winter is coming! These fun activities, delicious recipes, and creative crafts will provide fun for the whole family, all winter longEnjoy the snowy outdoors and ways to stay warm inside. Remember, there are those in need of assistance, so lend a helping hand. Give back, be it with financial support, energy, or your time. A little gesture goes a long way.  

Winter Activities  

These activities are perfect whether you’re celebrating winter indoors or out.  

  • Instead of one giant snowman, make a family of several small snowman. You can have fun naming them and dressing them up as your family or friends. 

  • Have a dance party with this curated list of happy music! Make a night of it by hanging decorations and getting dressed up. For dancing fuel put out yummy snacks and these winter cocktail recipes 
  • Create your own relaxation station and treat yourself:  
  • Here are some great activities you can do together outside while practicing social distancing.  
    • Build snow creatures and animals. 
    • Meet at the best local hill for sledding. 
    • Ice skate at a local rink.
    • Make snow angels.  
    • Go snowshoeing or hiking.  
    • Build an igloo or snow fort.  

  • Set up virtual craft time with your friends. Have a wine and paint night or schedule time to tackle a Pinterest project. Everyone will be safe and warm in their own homes but get to catch up while participating in the same activity.  
  • Have a virtual winter party. You can pick a theme beforehand and all dress up in that specific attire. Check out these simple appetizers for your next zoom party 
  • Game on! Uncover these fun family game night ideas.  
  • There’s snow place like home. Here are 14 ways to make your home warm and welcoming this winter.  

  • Here are a few things you can do to avoid the winter blues.  
    • Look into getting an artificial “sunbox” with special lights designed to mimic the sun’s beneficial rays. We recommend using it first thing in the morning to help maintain your body clock.  
    • Discover how to create a calm work environment at homeThere are ways you can improve your surroundings, scents that help with relaxation, and even sounds that have been proven to reduce stress.    
    • Try putting flowers or even fake plants around your home. Looking at plants is proven to boost your mood.  
    • Check out these apps that can help improve your state of mind 

Winter Crafts 

It’s the perfect time to get crafty and let your creative side shine.  

  • Create a winter wonderland in your home! Pick one room to focus on. Hang up sparkling string lights that look like stars. Buy white felt that looks like snow and cover the tables and shelves before you put out décor. Cut snowflakes out of paper and hang them all over the room. Spray pinecones with fake snow paint or splatter it with plain white paint so they look nice and frosted. Place silver and white globes in glass vases. Paint your old candlesticks white and place them on the mantle under a frosted garland.   
  • Make winter themed DIY mason jar snow globes. 
  • On those days its way too cold outside here are easy indoor crafts for kids 
  • Spruce up your front door with this beautiful DIY ombre pinecone wreath 

  • Below are tons of snowflake craft ideas 
    • No two crafts are the same, here is an assortment of snowflake crafts 
    • Glue together popsicle sticks in the shape of a snowflake. Once it’s dry paint it white and add silver glitter to make it sparkle. If you don’t have paint, wrap a white string around each stick and make sure no part of the popsicle stick is showing. 
    • For a more natural snowflake, try this DIY natural wood snowflake 
    • Draw a few snowflakes onto a thick piece of paper and then carefully cut them out using an exacto knife. Attach the snowflakes to an old vase and then paint the entire vase. Once it’s dry, take off the snowflakes. For an extra pop, place a candle inside and watch the light shine through the snowflakes.  
    • Learn how to make perler bead snowflakes
  • Get cozy and toasty with this DIY weighted blanket 
  • Start a new hobby and learn how to crochet 

Winter Recipes 

Fill your winter with scrumptious recipes that can satisfy any craving.  

Ways to Give Back 

If you are looking to make a real, lasting difference this winter season, check out these impactful ideas.  

  • It may be cold outside, and those less fortunate may not be able afford heat or warm housing. Make or donate blankets and warm clothing. Items people need this time of year include socks, jackets, mittens, hats, pants, blankets, and scarves.  
  • Shovel snow for those who are unable to do it themselves.   
  • Set up a toy drive and collect toys before the holidays arrive. A small stuffed animal can put a smile on child’s face for years.  
  • Many animals are in need during the cold winter months. You can help by fostering a fury friend or collecting pet supplies to drop off at a shelter.  
  • There is always a need for blood. If you are able, visit a local center and donate. 


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