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Add Designer Flair to Your Front Porch for Fall

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Add Fun Fall Decor to Your Porch

Just because summer’s over does not mean you can’t still enjoy sitting in the fresh air. With autumn weather quickly blowing in, now’s the time to give your porch a makeover. From festive seasonal decorations to thoughtful touches, we’ve pulled together a handful of our favorite ways to add fall decor to your porch.

Stay warm

First, make sure your porch can be used during autumn. If you live in an area where fall brings cooler temperatures, gorgeous crisp evenings can turn into cold nights. Invest in either a propane or electric patio heater. There are many models on the market. Some of them are set on the ground to warm your feet, while others are hung overhead. A few models look a lot like indoor lamps, adding a warm, room-like feel to your porch.

In addition to heaters, set out a couple of wool blankets for guests to put over their legs. Not only do blankets keep loved ones warm, they also give a cozy vibe that inspires conversations to run long into the night.

Buy new patio furniture

Most people buy new patio furniture during spring and summer. It’s in fall, however, that you should head to your local home and garden stores to check out items on clearance. Choose durable fabrics in neutral colors so the furniture will match any season. Design the rest of the porch around your new seating areas.

Fall foliage… right to your front door

Tis the season for collecting brightly  colored autumn leaves. Why not take things one step further by making an arrangement of leaves to enjoy year after year? Pick up a handful of faux leaves from a local fabric store and coat them to handle the weather. Add a little sparkle by sprinkling glitter of various colors over the project as it dries. Try out similar projects with found objects such as pinecones. Finished arrangements can be hung on windows or your front door. Make a large fall wreath by using a pre-assembled twig wreath and decorating it either with silk flowers or fresh marigolds from a local florist.

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