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Thanksgiving – BHGRE Season of Sharing

Thanksgiving is all about being together, enjoying yummy food, and thinking about the things we are thankful for. This year has certainly looked different, but it has also made us stop and really think about what matters most. Below are activities, recipes, and crafts you can do with the ones you love. This season don’t forget to focus on ways you can give back, be it with financial support, energy or your time. 

Thanksgiving Activities

Here is a wide variety of activities to try this Thanksgiving season.   

  • The small things can feel big to othersShow how much you care by sending your loved ones a card or note with the reasons you appreciate them and why you are thankful for them.  
  • Here are tips on how to have a safe thanksgiving dinner. 
  • Discover some clever ways to add fall flair to your porch.  
  • Celebrate a virtual Friendsgiving! Schedule a time that works for all of your friends. Everyone can make their own meal, or you could change it up and pick a theme such as Italian or only desserts. Don’t forget to check out these thanksgiving cocktails so you can toast and tell all your friends what you love about them.  
  • Start a new family tradition that you will always remember. Create a wall of gratitude by having everyone in your household write down what they are thankful for on sticky notesCollect them and post them on the wall. You can date and save them to read in the following years.  

  • Make a giant Thanksgiving card out of poster board folded in half. Take your life-sized card and have everyone write down what they are thankful and sign and date it. Every year you can read the previous ones and add to it. You can spend time as a family designing the front of the card.  
  • Whether your hosting two people or ten, here are some hosting tips to help your holiday run smoothly. 
  • Game on! Instead of watching tv, try playing some fun games such as charades, heads up, or Pictionary. 
  • Tis the season to be thankful and a great time to start a gratitude journalGrab a notebook and every night before you go to sleep jot down one thing you are grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal helps you appreciate things and can even make you happier.  
  • Carve out some time to eat turkey with your loved ones. Set up a video call after you carve the bird and enjoy the meal together. 
  • Enjoy the fresh Fall air and take a walk. Start a new tradition and take a walk after dinner to make room for dessert.  

Thanksgiving Craft 

Thankfully we have some pretty great crafts you can try.  

  • Click here for some unbe-leaf-able crafts using leaves. You can create some leafy center pieces for Thanksgiving dinner.  
  • Put people in their place with these beautiful pumpkin place settings.  
  • Time to get crafty! Check out these 7 clever crafts ideas to liven up your home.  
  • Add flower power to your napkins. Take a few faux flowers and wrap the stems using florists’ tape. Position the arrangement on top of the napkin and attach it by wrapping a twine or ribbon around it. Floral napkin rings are a simple way to incorporate colors on neutral dinnerware.  
  • Try out these incredible and easy thanksgiving craft ideas.  
  • You will gobble up these turkey crafts. 

  • We all love the classic turkey hand we made as kids. Turn it up a notch by making it sentimental. First, have your kid trace their hand on construction paper and cut it out. Then have them write 3 things they are thankful for on itGlue it to the back of a pinecone or small pumpkin to serve as the turkey tail. Glue googly eyes and a small yellow triangle on the front of the pinecone or pumpkin to complete your little turkey friend. You can also use feathers or leaves as a tail. 

Thanksgiving Recipes

Whether you’re cooking for two or ten, these recipes will have everyone smiling and satisfied. If you can try cooking extra food and giving it to those less fortunate or an elderly neighbor 

  • Don’t let the turkey hog the spotlight. Here are some delicious recipes and ideas for sides and appetizers. 
  • For an easy yet adorable appetizer make your very own turkey face veggie tray.  
  • There’s nothing sweeter than a sweet potato casserole
  • Get cooking, because these are some of the best Thanksgiving recipes we’ve ever tasted.  
  • Check out these incredible desserts perfect for Thanksgiving, including a no bake pumpkin cheesecake that will knock your fuzzy socks off. 

  • Tis pumpkin season and nothings beats a classic pumpkin pie. 
  • If you want to spruce up your pie crust, try adding a few simple, yet cute designs. Try cutting out different sized leaves and placing them around the edge. You could also roll out the pie crust and cut out any design you want. Cut out little flowers, diamonds, or chevron shapes before laying it on top.  
  • Warm up with this pumpkin spice latte recipe.  
  • These turkey desserts will have you and your family shaking their tailfeathers. Dip a pretzel rod in melted chocolate that covers about half of the pretzel. You can use chocolate icing if you prefer. Before it cools, attach a ring of candy corn around the top of the rod that will look like feathers. Using fondant or white icing, pipe on small white circles for the eyes and add a small black dot in the center. For the beak, pipe on an orange or yellow triangle.

Ways to Give Back

Don’t just give thanks, give back, with these great ideas.  

  • Many people won’t be able to afford a luxurious Thanksgiving dinner so donate food and canned goods to those in need. You can also bake some yummy things for those less fortunate.    
  • Be neighborly and lend a hand to those in need. Check on your neighbors and see if there is anything you can help them with.  
  • Discover how to have a sustainable thanksgiving dinner 
  • Support local restaurants by ordering your Thanksgiving mealMany restaurants and local businesses have Thanksgiving meal deals or great options for sides and dessertsYou can support them and not spend hours in the kitchen. Win-win!  

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