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New Year’s Eve – BHGRE Season of Sharing

2020 has been unique. It has drastically altered our daily routines and lives, but it has also reminded us of what’s important. 2020 led to more people spending time at home with their families. It allowed nature to thrive. It led to people reconnecting with loved ones and old friends they hadn’t spoken too in a long time. Let’s go into the new year with a fresh outlook on life. Let’s go into 2021, focusing on the positive and uncovering ways to we add more good into the world. Whether you want to have a relaxing night in, or celebrate with a few friends, below are activities, crafts, recipes, and ideas on how you can give back. 

New Year’s Activities 

Check out these fun New Year’s activities–perfect for a relaxing night in or a small party with friends. 

  • Get decorating with these clever and easy ideas for New Year’s tables 
  • Here are great tips and tricks for hosting a great NYE party.  
  • Instead of looking at the negative aspects of 2020, sit down and write a list of things you are thankful for from the past year. Think about the things you might not have appreciated or gotten to enjoy if it had gone differently. In 2021, start a gratitude journal. Each night before you go to sleep write down one thing you are thankful for from that day. Keeping a gratitude journal can reduce stress, increase positivity, help you sleep better, and even improve your self-esteem.   
  • If you prefer a romantic night in, take a look at these New Year’s Eve ideas for couples  
  • Ring in 2021 with a relaxing and cozy night at home 
  • Get it popping with a few friends with this chic champagne party 
  • Perfect party games for all!
  • Create a family goal list for the upcoming year. Below is a list of potential things you can add: 
    • Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. 
    • Give back more! Visit for tons of ways you can virtually help out others.   
    • Spend more time as a family without screens. You can schedule a game night once a month or cook dinner together and each time have a different theme or type of cuisine.  
    • Learn how to do something new. There are tons of virtual and free classes online. 
    • Instead of a weight loss goal, try just having a goal to move around more. Dance in your room for 10 minutes a day or take a walk and enjoy nature.  
  • These New Year’s toasts will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on the New Year.  

New Crafts for a New Year  

Wrap up 2020 with remarkable crafts.  

  • Ring in the New Year with this festive party decor 
  • Create a centerpiece out of bottles. Find 4 bottles, paint them all black, and place them in a line. Using gold or silver cardstock cut out 2-0-2-1. Glue each number to a stick and then place them in the bottles in order.  
  • Create a family friendly New Year’s bash 
  • Make your very own countdown clock using a paper plate. Paint the plate whatever color you want and paint numbers around the edge to represent the time. Make a small hole in the center of the plate. Cut two dials with arrows on the end out of cardboard and paint them a different color than the plate so you can see them. Connect the dials to the plate using a pin so the dials can rotate.  
  • End the year on a high note with homemade disco balls, firecracker centerpieces, and more DIY New Year’s Eve crafts.
  • Create personalized party favorites like confetti poppers and more with these New Year’s crafts.

  • Make your own photobooth at home! To construct your own props you’ll need scissors, heavy weight cardstock, a glue gun, and either chopsticks or plain art sticks. To create a backdrop, you can simply use a solid wall or hang up a sheet or curtainFor a more fun background add metallic balloons, hang fun streamers or string lights. The props can be anything you want! Make your own things to cut out or look up free downloadable photo booth prop designs. Use the cardstock and cut out silly mustaches, talking bubbles with funny sayings, or silly hats. After you write what you want in the talking bubbles, add glitter or anything else you want just the glue the end of a stick to the back of the prop. All that’s left is take fun photos you will cherish forever.  


New Year’s Recipes 

Before the clock strikes 12, make sure you try these delicious food and drink recipes.   

  • These drink recipes will be a hit.  
  • Stir it up with dazzling cocktails.
  • Finger-foods that are as cute as they are delicious.   
  • From sweet-and-sour to cranberry-sauced, these meatball recipes are a must-have.   
  • Check out the following New Year’s Eve party menus and recipes–great for any type of gathering you choose. 
  • Dip pretzel rods into melted white chocolate and then immediately pour silver or gold sprinkles onto the chocolate before it melts. Place the candy-coated pretzel rod onto wax paper, let it dry, and then enjoy! 
  • The best way to end 2020 would be with cakes, truffles, cookies and tons of luscious desserts
  • It’s no surprise that this surprise-inside New Year’s Eve cake is not only fun but tastes incredible 

Ways to Give Back 

Start off the New Year by giving back. Discover several ways you can help those less fortunate.  

  • Get stirring! Bringing someone baked goods or food will surly put a smile on someone’s face! Here are several things you could whip up for a neighbor or a hungry family.  
  • Help neighbors with tasks around their home or run errands for them if you are able. People might need help raking leaves, cleaning out their gutters, shoveling snow, or picking up groceries and other items.  
  • Donate clothes and warm weather items! You might have lots of clothing you haven’t warn in years that could benefit many people. If you can purchase items many people will be in need of socks, hats, warm clothing, mittens, and blankets as it starts to get colder outside. 
  • Many parents are trying to work full time while also teaching or monitoring their children, which, to say the least, can be a bit overwhelming. Lend a helping hand by offering tutoring services. This not only helps kids learn but can allow parents to focus on work and other things. Plus, you can do it all virtually!