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Installing and Maintaining an Energy-Efficient Pool

Installing and Maintaining an Energy-Efficient Pool - bhgrelife.comCold Winters, Hot Summers

If the region where you live experiences all four seasons, a pool doesn’t have to be costly to maintain as long as you follow some simple energy-saving tips. The key to saving energy with a seasonal-use pool is to only keep the pool heated when you’re most likely to use it, which is the spring, summer, and early fall. Additionally, you can install a pool cover to keep in the heat provided by a pool heater, or paint the bottom of your pool a dark color to help it absorb and retain heat from the sun.



Combining a dark-bottom pool with a transparent pool cover maximizes the amount of sunlight your pool can absorb and retain. Installing a solar heating system for your pool is another option you can consider to make your pool more energy efficient.