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Five DIY Serving Ideas to Impress Guests

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Dinner parties are a great way to have friends and family members over to your home. If you are looking for more creative ways to serve food than simply putting it on a tray, check out the list below for five DIY serving ideas to create beautiful, innovative DIY table arrangements with items that you probably already have.

Five DIY Serving Ideas to Impress Guests -

1. Mason Jars

Rather than piling food on a serving tray, consider single servings of dishes in small, clear mason jars. Mason jars are readily available at most hardware and home goods stores, and they are also affordable. They are excellent for serving a first course, such as soup or a cold salad. Alternatively, use them to serve dessert by putting either single servings or toppings for ice cream in them so that people can create their own sundaes. You can also give guests mason jars filled with candy or baked goods as party favors.

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