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Installing and Maintaining an Energy-Efficient Pool

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An energy-efficient pool can save you money on your electric bill while increasing your home’s value and fun factor! Although designing and installing energy-saving renovations for your pool may seem complex, it can be a straightforward process. Following simple tips, like heating your pool only when you’re ready to swim, can decrease the amount of energy it uses.

Installing and Maintaining an Energy-Efficient Pool - bhgrelife.comSkip the Heater During the Heat

During the dog days of summer when the heat is almost too much for outdoor activities, there’s no need to use a heater. Plus the heat will evaporate the water decreasing the chlorine levels and increasing the costs and supplies needed to keep your pool in working condition. To reduce evaporation rates, a pool cover is a good investment. It will prevent most of the evaporation, and keep your pool free of debris while controlling the water temperature.




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