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Host a Summer Seafood or Crawfish Boil

For those who love critters and crawdads, these recipes will make your taste buds dance. Set up your yard using clever décor ideas, and you’ll be sure to have a successful lobster boil party. Prepare for a feast you’ll never forget.

Fresh Recipes

Backyard Preparation and Décor

  • Discover how to make your backyard the best spot for entertaining.
  • In-season flowers are an easy way to decorate for an outdoor gathering. Sunflowers, hydrangeas, and peonies are beautiful options for a centerpiece.
  • Use a cake stand to display condiments and hand wipes. Put hot sauce and all other dips on the top layer and lemon wedges on the bottom.
  • Take old planters and paint them red and blue. Once they are dry, wrap utensils in a fun napkin, perhaps with crabs or lobsters on them, and use the pots as utensil holders. If you’re looking for a more nautical feel, wrap and glue a rope around a planter. Don’t forget to put out lots of paper towels for sticky fingers.
  • Print out lots of lobsters and crabs on thick paper and then cut them out. Hang a string across your patio or fence, and then glue the lobsters and crabs to the string for a fun banner.
  • If you have a punny soul, take a nautical or rustic-looking frame and print out “Let’s Get Cray” on paper and place it in the frame for cute table decor.
  • Use an old fishnet as a table runner. Place a few lanterns on top of the netting to keep it from flying away, plus it will spruce up your decorations.
  • Don’t worry if you’re short on space, these 10 small backyard ideas and design-smart landscaping tips will have you living large.
  • The one must-have for a great lobster boil is an awesome outdoor bar.

Hosting Tips & Activities

  • Uncover all the best tips and tricks for a successful crawfish feast.
  • It all boils down to good food, cute décor, and fun friends. Read how to host a bayou shrimp boil to celebrate summer in style.
  • Paint chopsticks red and use them as your lobster claws. Play a game where each person has to pick up various objects and place them into a bucket using nothing but their “pinchers” (chopsticks). Make the item each round more and more difficult to pick up. The first person to place all of their items in the bucket wins.
  • Bocce ball is a fantastic outdoor game to play, especially if everyone is full of delicious lobster.

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