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It’s Time for Tea!

Gather in the garden or backyard for an incredible tea party filled with friends, flowers, and of course delicious food.

Tea Party Recipes


Backyard Tea Party Preparation and Décor

  • If you’re looking for a casual setup, place a picnic blanket on the floor and surround a table with comfy, oversized pillows. Place bright flowers in a short vase so they don’t block anyone’s view of each other. It can make for a cozy gathering.
  • Set the table with an elegant combo of white flowers and greens for an uncomplicated arrangement. You can also style your own stunning flower bouquets.
  • Make your own DIY paper flowers so you can embellish a wreath, create a centerpiece, or even decorate a cake.
  • For beautiful feminine touches, use décor with pale pink and floral linens for a soft touch.
  • Hang circular paper fans of all colors from your trees and fences. You can also hang paper lanterns for a warm glow.


Tea Party Activities

  • Discover how to host the perfect afternoon garden party filled with flowers, friends, and fun.
  • Create a succulent terrarium station. Each person can pick a planter or vase and create their own little terrarium world to take home. You will need to put out the cactus potting mix, decorative stones, shovels, and succulents to repot. If you want to step it up a notch, buy plain planters and let each person paint their own before they get planting.
  • Pass out paper and pencils for this tea party game. Set a timer for two minutes and have your guests write down as many words as they can think of that start with the letter T for the first round. For the second round, do E and the third round, A. Each person gets one point for each word unless someone else has the same word. Total the points when the timer goes off, and the player with the most points from all three rounds wins.
  • Play guess that tea. Each person takes a sip of the teas in front of them and writes down what they think it is on a piece of paper.

More Backyard Fun: