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Create the Perfect Backyard Oasis

The great outdoors are calling your name. Spend summer in the fresh air and learn how to create an incredible outdoor patio, backyard, or balcony. Below are also tons of wonderful gardening and landscaping ideas that will work in a variety of outdoor spaces. 

Ideas for Your Patio, Porch, or Deck 

  • Check out these incredible outdoor patio ideas if you plan on spending your summer outside.  
  • If you need s’more ideas, your family and friends will love gathering around this easy fire pit 
  • Create covered patios that are as practical as they are pretty.  
  • Your home will become an outdoor party spot or a personal hideaway with these clever, built-in seating solutions for your deck or patio.  
  • Discover how to outfit your outdoor living area for summer. You can enjoy and appreciate your home no matter of its size.     
  • Cheers to building your own backyard block bar. This DIY bar is made from concrete blocks so its affordable, can be assembled in one afternoon, sturdy, and has storage for BBQ items or beautiful planters.  
  • Bask in the comfort and tranquility of a pool or spa all in your own home. Uncover phenomenal outdoor jacuzzi and pool design ideas so, you can simply step outside your back door and take a relaxing dip.  

Gardening and Landscape Ideas  

  • Uncover gorgeous gravel patio ideas that are inexpensive and easy to install. The good thing is they drain quickly and require little maintenance.  
  • Learn how to design a garden by plant height so you can create a harmonious, eye-pleasing outdoor areas.  
  • Add privacy to your backyard so you can enjoy serenity in your outdoor retreat. An easy and visually appealing way to do this is to use plants and vines to cover holes in an existing fence or wall. A few plants and vines that would work include the Virginia Creeper, Wisteria, Trumpet Vine, and Clematis.  
  • Are you utilizing all of your space? Take a look at these smart side-yard solutions so you can make a private, relaxing domain.  
  • Check out creative ideas for building thriving small gardens. If you are limited on space, there are some clever solutions.  
  • Introduce a pop of color into your yard! If you want bold and fragrant include peonies in your yard. If you are looking for colorful and easy-to-care for plants try succulents such as California Sunset, Echeveria, Purple Beauty, or Sunset Jade. A few more colorful options include Viola, Lavendar, Sedum, Profusion Zinnias, Coralbells, and Gilded Sun.  
  • This window box plan can supply you fresh veggies and herbs, boost your home’s curb appeal, and are beautiful to look at through the window.  

Outdoor Décor Ideas 

  • Lighting can make an outdoor space feel warm and inviting. One way to add a warm glow is by hanging string lights. Depending on your yard you might need to learn how to how to install poles to hang lights. Another option is lanterns, which depending on the style, can add a chic feel to your yard while providing a soft light. Path lights are another option that are great for helping guide guests along pathways without tripping.  
  • Keep your drinks cold on a hot summer day with this stylish DIY cooler cabinet 
  • Create a yard you love with tons of budget-friendly ways to update your backyard. 
  • Transform empty wood crates into rustic furniture or décor.  
  • Make a space feel warm by using an outdoor rug, patterned and textured pillows, soft blankets    
  • Find old glass bottles and vases and wrap a rope around them using glue as adhesive. You can repurpose old wine bottles and wrap a rope around the base of the bottle and then place fairy lights inside the bottles to create a beautiful glowing effect.  
  • Give your backyard a makeover with these landscaping ideas.  
  • Create a beautiful outdoor dining area with décor found around your home. Grab a few old planters and plastic pots and fill them with succulents, herbs, or flowers. Then wrap them with fabric, paper, or burlap to transform them into rustic centerpieces.  

The Top Outdoor Furniture Options 

  • Wicker is light weight and extremely weather-resistant so it’s easy to move around. Wicker is also woven from natural materials which means its recyclable and creates a warm look.  
  • Stainless steel is a great modern option if you’re looking for a material that is durable, strong and is resistant to corrosion and rust. It is a perfect choice if you live in a windy area and is easy to clean. 
  • Wood always provides a warm and comfortable vibe to any outdoor space. Teak is easy to care for, durable, resistant to weather, decay and insects, and doesn’t crack or warp.  
  • Wrought iron is one of most long-lasting outdoor furniture options out there. This strong and durable material is heavy so weather will not be an issue. It helps create a stylish and classic look, plus you can switch up the cushions whenever you feel like sprucing it up.  
  • Aluminum is one of the most popular metals used for outdoor furniture. While it is strong, it’s still lightweight. Benefits include its low maintenance, doesn’t rust, is affordable and weather resistant.  

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