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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Looking for ways to give your backyard a makeover? Whether you’re looking for simple backyard landscaping ideas, budget-friendly tips or a complete overhaul of your backyard design, check out these cool ideas.

Play with pavers.

Backyard landscaping ideas can be as easy as adding pavers. Turn a garden path into a series of mini patios by using large islands of flagstone separated by ribbons of thick turf. In this backyard, the paved pieces have two functions: they act as a handsome and stable garden walkway, and they are large enough to handle outdoor seating when the family hosts a large party.




Let the water flow.

If your backyard has a drainage problem that causes runoff and erosion, capitalize on the problem and turn the area into a water feature. Here, the homeowners struggled with a low, damp spot for years until they excavated the area and transformed the problem into a landscaping focal point. Now, when they hear the sound of running water they can relax instead of worrying that their backyard is washing away.




Landscape around an eyesore.

It’s hard to believe, but the only view this backyard once had was of an old, oversize shed door that was falling off its hinges. Instead of living with the eyesore, the family tore down the door and covered the opening with a series of handsome vintage shutters.

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