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Top Tips for Great Beach Trips With Your Dog!

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Summer is in our sights and that means it’s time to start planning your family vacation! There is no need to worry about picking the perfect beach destination and having to leave your furry family member behind. We’ve got some great tips to ensure that you and your entire family have a safe, enjoyable, and fun beach getaway!

Check the Rules

Before you simply jump in the car and head out to the beach, be sure to check to make sure furry family members are allowed to visit, and with what protocols. Some beaches welcome dogs year-round while others have certain restrictions, and some don’t allow dogs at all during particular times of the year. Always check ahead to avoid unexpected regulations and to be sure your pet can join you while you lounge in the sand.

It is just as important to know whether your dog needs to be leashed or if he can roam free. If he is allowed go unleashed, bring one along anyway just in case. Don’t forget to make sure your dog is under your voice control at all times.

Again: don’t forget to be a responsible pet parent and always pick up your pet’s poop! Leave the beach as clean and beautiful as you found it without leaving any new doggie messes behind!

Always Pack Necessities – For Everyone!

You shouldn’t only pack a bag of essentials for you and your family, but you should also pack for your pup! Don’t forget the necessities: a leash, beach towels, umbrella, fresh water, and even doggie sunscreen. Dogs can get a sunburn just like humans and there are sunscreens available that are made especially for dogs and their sensitive skin.

Bring your pup’s favorite toy and ball for playing fetch in the sand!  After all, the whole point of being at the beach in the first place is to have some fun!  Just be sure you don’t leave any mess behind – bring your own waste bags and always be responsible for cleaning up after your pet.

Keep An Eye Out At All Times

Taking your eyes off your dog could lead to a potentially dangerous situation, especially in a new environment. It is easy for a dog to wander into the water and start to panic. Just as if you are watching a child, never take your eyes off your dog and never leave him unattended. When you arrive at the beach also make sure you pay special attention to any potential distractions that may cause your dog to run off or disrupt other people and their pets on the beach.

Avoid additional problems by keeping your dog away from any areas where he is not allowed. These often include the dunes or other specific places blocked off to preserve the area’s natural habitat. 

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