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Interior Design

The Ultimate Fall Décor Guide

You will fall in love with these autumn-inspired decor ideas that can transform any space. Below you will find tons of clever ideas to help you welcome fall and bring magic and coziness into any room.

  • Give a plain plastic pumpkin a makeover and rustic feel by wrapping it with yarn or twine.
  • Create a gourd-geous centerpiece by carving out a squash or gourd and turning it into a vase. Nothing is more beautiful than a DIY pumpkin planter filled with your favorite fall flowers. You can also cut the top off a faux pumpkin and add drainage holes in the bottom.

  • For a rustic finish, wrap a foam wreath in burlap. Use a hot glue gun to add burlap flowers to the wreath or any other autumn-inspired items you want.
  • Discover how to make gold-leaf pumpkins to bring a classy fall feel to your home.
  • Fill a tall glass vase with pinecones, acorns, or apples. Another great option would be to fill glass cloches of different sizes with your favorite fall items.

  • Nature truly is nurturing. Place colorful leaves in a glass frame with no back.
  • Create a leaf-shaped dish to hold jewelry, change, or your keys. Press a leaf that you like onto a rolled-out piece of clay. Using a knife, carefully trace the leaf. After you’ve outlined the leaf, slowly pull the leaf off and gently curl the sides up. Place newspaper under the edges so it holds its shape and takes the form of a dish. Once it’s dried, paint it any color you want and seal it with a gloss or matte sealer to protect the finish.
  • Learn how to bring instant coziness to your home with these farmhouse fall decor ideas.
  • Paint old mason jars or upcycled glass bottles gold and white and use them as vases.
  • Put the petal to the metal… door and learn how to make your very own stunning sunflower wreath.
  • Create a beautiful succulent pumpkin planter. Fill a hollowed-out pumpkin with fresh succulents and moss.

  • Here are tons of crafts with leaves you can try.
  • Treat yourself! Make fall candles using seasonal scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin, or apple. First, find a glass jar you want to use as the holder. Double the amount of wax you would use to fill the container and melt it in a double boiler while stirring frequently. Mix in the fragrance oil you choose and place the wick on the bottom of your jar before you slowly pour in the wax. Secure the wick while the wax hardens by placing it between two chopsticks that are balanced on the top. You can also glue cinnamon sticks onto the outside of an old candle to make your home smell incredible.
  • Check out fall door decor ideas that go beyond wreaths.
  • A few things to use as décor that have an autumn vibe include amber bottles, throw blankets, plaid pillows, and leaves spray-painted gold.
  • Uncover farmhouse mantel decor ideas that add cozy charm to your space.
  • Here are some fall plants and grasses you can place around your home:
    • Mariachi ‘Salsa’ Helenium
    • Chrysanthemums
    • Black-leaf millet grass
    • Bayberry
    • Fuzzy kangaroo paws
    • Gerbera daisies
    • Chinese lanterns