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Have a Hauntingly Good Halloween

Let’s get spooky and crafty! Below are a ton of fun Halloween recipes, critter-approved craft ideas, and of course, tons of clever costume ideas. 

Halloween Recipes for All Creatures

  • Grab your spoons and get ready for delicious soup. Try this incredible pumpkin ginger soup or this curried coconut pumpkin soup recipe.  
  • This pumpkin bread recipe will result in one spectacular loaf that friends and neighbors will love.   
  • These spider deviled eggs are just as cute and creepy as they are yummy.           
  • It’s safe to say everyone loves pizza. Add a fun twist this Halloween by using each pepperoni as the center or body of a spider. Then place leftover red sauce into a piping bag and draw eight legs on each pepperoni side. Create a non-meat-lovers pizza that will be so good that people will not be able to take their eyes, or hands, off it. Start by placing slices of mozzarella around the pizza. Cut olives into slices and put a slice in the middle of each mozzarella to form the pupil. Then pipe red sauce around the olive to create a bloodshot look. 
  • This tombstone taco dip is to die for. Get ready for tortilla tombstones and refried bean dirt. 
  • For a healthy, spooky snack, grab a few apples and a jar of peanut butter. Take a green apple and a few strawberries and cut them into slices. Take a slice of apple and carefully cut out a sliver in the middle to resemble an open mouth. Shmear peanut butter in the sliver (the mouth) and place a thin slice of a strawberry sticking out of the bottom to create the tongue. Use sunflower seeds to make rows of teeth and place two candy eyes on top.

  • Check out these wickedly fun Halloween cupcakes that everyone will want to sink their fangs into. 
  • These spider web cookies will get you eight thumbs up. The first step is to cover a sugar cookie in white icing. Use black icing to draw a few circles that resemble a bullseye or target. Before it dries, take a toothpick and draw lines from the center of the circle outward, so it starts to look like a web. 
  • Mummy Oreo critters are a fun dessert that everyone will admire. First, dip your Oreos in white chocolate or white icing, covering the entire cookie. Then put white icing in a piping bag and going back and forth across the cookie pipe horizontal lines across, so it looks like mummy wraps. Then add two candy eyes, or you can pipe yellow eyes on yourself.

  • Dip caramel apples in the chocolate of your choice and add little candy eyes to make spooky yet scrumptious treats. Dip one apple in white chocolate to make a mummy and pipe on the eyes. To make a pumpkin keep the apple covered in caramel and use chocolate to pipe on a jack-o-lantern face. Create a Frankenstein by adding green food coloring to white chocolate and covering the entire apple. Then use dark chocolate to pipe on hair, stitches, and a face. Using caramel, attach little pretzel sticks to either side of the apple to create Frankenstein’s bolts. 
  • This boo-tiful dirt and worms cake is covered with crushed chocolate cookies and slimy, gummy worms. Your kids will love helping bake and decorate this delicious treat.   
  • You knead these spiced pumpkin doughnuts in your life. 
  • Creep it real with this tasty but gross-looking brain drink 
  • Create spooky and sweet Halloween drinks that will raise your guests’ spirits. 

Boo-tiful Halloween Crafts and Décor  

  • Upcycle toilet paper rolls to make a bunch of monsters. Paint a few rolls in a variety of colors and once they’re dry, draw on polka dots or scales. Create a mummy by wrapping thin strips of toilet paper around it. Paint one green and make a Frankenstein friend. Then use a black marker to draw on hair, a mouth, and stitches. Create as many as you want using items like googley eyes, glitter, tinfoil, and anything else to add some flair.

  • Use balloons to create fun floating ghosts and spooky creatures. Once the balloons are blown up, gently draw ghost faces on the white balloons, Jack-O’-Lanterns on orange balloons, or make any monster faces you want.  
  • Recycle old tissue boxes to create a merry band of mischievous monsters. Flip the empty tissue boxes upside down and paint the outside to make spooky little creatures. Paint one box green for Frankenstein, one orange for a pumpkin, and one white for a scary skeleton. Then just paint on their faces with permanent markers or paint pens. 
  • These wickedly fun witch decorations will put a spell on you and your guests.  
  • Light it up on Halloween. All you need are lanterns and black construction paper. Cut out moons, stars, bats, or any shape you want and attach them to the outside of the lanterns. Light the lanterns with battery-operated candles, and the black paper will form fun silhouettes as the light dances around the lantern. 
  •  Learn how to create Halloween decor from ordinary objects you already have at home.  
  • Use pom pom balls to make scary little spiders. For the body, glue one large black pom and one medium black pom pom together. For eyes, glue many small googley eyes to the front of the medium pom pom. To create the legs, cut black pipe cleaners into eight pieces and glue four along each side. 

  • Upcycle glass bottles to form spooky cool Halloween décor. Use different colored wax or old crayons and carefully drip wax down the top of the bottles. We recommend using black, red, and white wax. You can also drip red crayons down the sides of old white candles to give the appearance of oozing blood. 
  • Discover an assortment of Halloween wreaths that will result in a hauntingly good-looking door.  
  • Stitch together your very own Frankenstein. Since Frankenstein is a creation assembled from an assortment of humans… stick to the same approach. Each person in your family can contribute an article of clothing and stuff it with newspaper. Set up all of the limbs and pieces in a chair, so it resembles a body. For a face, decorate a pumpkin, place it on the shoulders and boom… your own personal Frankenstein. 
  • Uncover tons of frighteningly fun haunted front door ideas.  

Clever Halloween Costumes 

  • Create an adorable sundae costume. Get a white t-shirt for vanilla ice cream and brown pants that look like a cone. Grab a white tutu that you will wear over the pants. Using various colors of construction paper, cut out a bunch of rectangles that will be your sprinkles. Glue the sprinkles onto the shirt. Glue a red pom pom ball onto a headband for the cherry on top and attach a stem cut out of paper. 
    I think we can all agree that pets in costumes are purely amazing. Check out these clever costume ideas for you and your pet 
  • Get popping with this DIY popcorn costume. Buy a pair of red and white vertical striped bottoms to resemble the popcorn container. If you cannot find striped pants, buy red pants and use white duct tape to make the stripes. Grab an old white or light-yellow t-shirt and some white computer paper. Rip each piece of paper in half and crumple them up. Spray-paint the crumbled paper with yellow to give your popcorn some butter. Then glue the crumbled popcorn balls onto the shirt and all done. 
  • Transform your little one into an adorable yet mischievous mouse with this simple DIY mouse costume 
  • Here are tons of easy-to-make kids costumes that you can make at home.  
  • Do the robot! Grab a small moving box for the head and one of the top four flaps off. Then cut a rectangular window for eyes on one of the sides. For the body, cut the top and bottom flaps off of a larger box. Then cut out two holes where the arms can stick out on either side. Paint the boxes silver or cover them in aluminum foil. Create robot buttons and added details by painting different colored bottle caps and gluing them on the front. You can cut out gears and other things using construction paper. Don’t forget to use straws or pipe cleaners to make its antennas.