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How to Organize Your Closet Fast When You Move into a New Home

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Use the doors

Using the back of a closet door to store small items such as jewelry, belts and shoes is smart. Consider an over-the-door soft shoe holder not only for shoes, but to keep all your other small things. Just make sure to reorganize these nooks often to avoid them feeling cluttered.



See or label everything

So you’ve moved into your new house and everything is put away except for a couple of boxes. The last box contains all sorts of items that feel too precious to get rid of, but too odd to have out in the open. Whatever you do, don’t put these boxes into the back of your closet! Bring them into your kitchen or living room and set all of the objects on a table. Find a home for each item. If you don’t, you’ll risk the entire box gathering dust for the next year or ten.

In your closet, you should be able to see every object, with the exception of containers that house certain smaller objects. Don’t just throw these containers in your closet! Label each one. It might seem obvious to you that a box containing only scarves is for scarves, but over time, you might be tempted to add belts, tank tops and other things that don’t belong. Labeling boxes will remind you to keep things in order, and the labels will also ensure that your family doesn’t have an excuse to be sloppy. Labeling containers is something that should happen in each closet in your home.


Revisit your closet each season

Once your closet is in order, you’re not done. Just like kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms need to be tidied and cleaned, so do your closets. Each season take a deep breath, open your closet and make sure everything is in order. Get rid of things you no longer use and make sure each shelf and container includes only the objects you’ve determined should be there. Learning how to organize your closet isn’t hard, but it does require a little diligence on your part to ensure the space is tidy.

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