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How to Organize a Linen Closet

Linen closets can be largely forgotten in the rush of fall cleaning or a Marie Kondo-inspired purge. They can easily overflow and grow mold thanks to fluxes in humidity and temperature. As a result of their isolation, they can be viewed as a last resort for discarded but pricey beauty items or threadbare sheets and towels. Take the following steps to create a linen closet that holds everything in perfect organization. 

Empty and clean

Closets can seem like black holes. They’re able to store and hide linens and more, but this also means out of sight, out of mind. Lay all items on a bed or sofa. Vacuum the shelves, floor and ceiling. Mix your favorite cleanser or use an all-purpose one to spray each shelf. Be mindful of using enough product in the corners. Spray and wipe with a microfiber rag. Once dry, consider adding shelf liners – acid-free ones are preferred. 

Sort and purge

Begin by grouping like items together. Start with blankets and pillows. Move on to towels and bed linens. Once done, evaluate which linens need their walking papers. Toss those that are torn or stained. Any item with stretched-out elastic should also go. It’s tempting to think of repairing or cleaning items, but it may be best to purge them if you cannot do so within a week. Look at how many of each sheet size you have. Aim for three sets of linens per bed and four sets of towels and face cloths per person. Keep two or three extra sets of each for guests. 


Bulky items such as blankets and pillows should go on the top shelf. Seasonal items such as beach towels and festive tablecloths should go in the back or top of the closet. Place towels front and center for easy access. Fold them in thirds lengthwise and then into a rectangle. Place edges toward the back for a neater look. In a more compact space, roll towels and tie a ribbon around sheet sets. 


Linen closets may also be a space that holds quite a few toiletries for the whole family. Bins are a great way to bring pops of color and label items. Each family member can have their own bin. For a rainy-day project, let little ones decorate their containers. Small items, such as travel-size toiletries and cleaning supplies, can be grouped or divided into shampoo, conditioner, body wash and sunscreen by type. The same applies for beauty products and wipes.  The best way to deal with clutter is to prevent it. Organize your linen closet with these tips.