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Interior Design

How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

Flower arrangement is an art that has had a recent resurgence of interest that includes workshops and a wealth of Instagram features. Millennials feel the draw to craft a personal treasure rather than picking something up at the supermarket. You can use flowers from the shop or your garden to create the perfect arrangement. Go from basic bouquets to masterpieces with these tips. 

Explore various shapes and sizes

Arranging flowers depends on the size and shape of the vase, as well as the blooms you plan to use. Keep in mind that a flared opening helps stems lean naturally. Mason jars are a staple in most DIY projects and available in a variety of sizes. They are especially suited for boho-style wildflowers. With a wide mouth and narrow neck, a vintage-style milk bottle is ideal for lush looks or simple arrangements of at least three statement blooms. Bowl and square containers can be a bit tricky at first, but the results are worth it. For a bowl vase, use Gerbera daisies or orchids. Cut stems at an angle to match the height of the vase. With a square vase, consider creating a grid using duct tape spanning the wide mouth and keeping heavier flowers in the center of the arrangement for balance. For a glam style, pedestal vessels are superb. Use floral foam to maintain hydration and placement. If you’re in a rush or prefer minimal work, a bud vase is a solid option. Use a single bloom or choose up to three, combining different shapes and sizes for an impactful arrangement. 

Selecting flowers and leaves

Every season has a few star blooms that dazzle any arrangement. Spring offers sweet peas, calla lilies and cherry blossoms. Fall is represented by carnations, begonias and petunias. Winters persevere with the help of primrose and sweet pea. Summer delights with dahlias, freesia and chrysanthemums. Filler flowers, such as baby’s breath and daisies, add unique visual texture to an arrangement. Leaves include Italian Ruscus, known for its narrow, tear-shaped fronds and ivy for romantic or vintage touches. Leatherleaf ferns offer a dramatic backdrop for bolder flowers and moss delights modern or whimsical arrangements. For gorgeous looks, select five types of flowers and two types of leaves. 

Placing blooms and fronds

Gather scissors, a vase, water and plant food. Remove extra leaves for clean stems. Hold the flowers up to your vase and trim to between one and one-and-a-half times the height of the vase. Cut the stems diagonally. Fill half the vase with water and add a scoop of plant food. Some people also use chicken wire as a base. Place statement flowers in the center and work secondary blooms around them. Adjust as needed. 

From centerpieces and accents to mantel décor, a flower arrangement brightens up any space and invites compliments.