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Home Maintenance

Top 10 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Working Order: A Checklist


Summer is the time when you probably want to enjoy your home, not clean or repair it. Take a bit of time at the start of the season to tidy and patch up so you can spend the rest of the summer relaxing.





We recommend these summer home maintenance tips:

  1. Prepare your grounds by
  • mowing your lawn (but not too short so you expose weeds)
  • pulling weeds
  • watering plants
  • checking the functionality of sprinklers
  • cleaning your pool
  1. Make exterior home repairs and touch-ups by
  • painting or staining your porch
  • cleaning windows
  • hosing or sweeping your façade
  1. The inside of your home can be summertime-ready by
  • wiping down ceiling fans
  • cleaning air conditioning filters
  • repairing weather stripping
  • evaluating your family emergency plan
  • deterring and treating for insects