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Home Maintenance

Top 10 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Working Order: A Checklist

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Your home is likely one of your biggest investments. Taking care of it properly is essential. The chores and tasks necessary to maintain a home throughout the year can seem daunting, but they’re easier if broken down into seasonal duties.

Even if you don’t have the time or physical ability to tackle these must-dos yourself, refer to our home maintenance checklist below when you hire handymen.


At the start of spring, many homeowners are eager to do a little cleaning. This season is the perfect time to empty closets, wax floors, give carpets a deep shampoo and more.





Here are some good spring cleaning actions you can take to care for your home:

  1. Give the grounds an overhaul. Start cleaning by
  • raking up leaves
  • turning outside faucets on if you’ve turned them off for winter
  • inspecting trees for illness or dead branches
  • re-seeding your lawn
  • planting perennials
  1. Tend to your home’s exterior by
  • looking for and filling cracks in concrete
  • fixing broken rain gutters
  • giving your home a power wash
  • touching up paint
  • cleaning windows
  • repairing patios and decks
  • treating pool water
  1. Look after the inside of your home by
  • inspecting HVAC systems
  • draining your boiler
  • giving plumbing a once-over
  • checking your chimney
  • replacing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
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