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Easy Exterior Home Tweaks

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Whether your home is an often-renovated Cape Cod or Craftsman or a relatively new build, chances are good there’s something you don’t like about the exterior.

A complete exterior home remodel can be expensive. Luckily, there are some easy tweaks you can do yourself that will boost your home’s curb appeal and transform it into a house everyone wants to visit. Read on for a few suggestions.

Change Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

You may only need one light to see by in order to get your key in the lock, but does it have to be ugly? Does it have to be centered over the door? Think about your home’s symmetry when replacing light fixtures and choose a design that works with your home’s style. Eclectic exteriors can quickly become neighborhood eyesores, so “ye olde carriage lantern” fixtures are unlikely to work on a Craftsman style house.

Make Your Door the Focal Point

If you’ve got an old or standard builder’s door, think about replacing it with a door that welcomes visitors. Red doors signify welcome to travelers in American tradition, and in feng shui red is believed to drive away evil forces and promote positive energy. There may, of course, be some exterior colors that just won’t work with a red door. But if you can pull it off, it’s well worth it. If your interior entryway is dark, buy a door with a decorative glass pattern at the top and consider installing glass panels on either side of the door. It gives the illusion of a much bigger, more expansive entryway. If you worry about privacy, you can always apply adhesive panels that let light in but prevent people from seeing your interior hallway. Door panels come in dozens and dozens of designs these days, and they’re another way to showcase your home’s personality.

While you’re working on your home’s entryway, consider replacing your street numbers with ones that are easily visible from the street.

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