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How to Decorate for Halloween Without Being Kitschy with Interior Design Pro Jennifer Adams

Instead of the usual kitschy Halloween decorations you’ve done over and over again, try something new and chic this year. These classy yet playful DIY home décor ideas will inspire and create just the right Halloween ambiance.

Go With a Spooky Wreath

The entryway or porch is where most of the action happens when trick-or-treaters and guests come knocking at your front door. Adorn your door with a spooky wreath, like one made out of dried twigs, vines or dark-colored flowers. Add black bats or spiders hanging from their webs to create an eerie vibe.

Decorate with Lights

String up seasonal lights around your porch or front and backyard trees. You can also have carved, miniature gourds or pumpkins with tea lights inside lighting up your outdoor walkways and stairways.

Scary Black Cutouts

For a creepy front yard, use cutouts or decals for your windows. For a stylish look, don’t overdo them. Instead, keep the look simple and minimal—for instance, a couple of well-placed ravens, bats, or a ghastly ghoul or witch.

Create a Gothic-Inspired Table

Hosting a Halloween dinner party? Decorate your dining table with a gothic flair. Create a color palette of deep reds, blacks and purples, as well as gold; use textiles like velvet and silk. You can arrange your table with a gorgeous velvet table runner, vintage candlesticks, and a bouquet of dark red roses. For additional drama, play with black or red glassware and plates with accents of gold.

Black and White Pumpkins

Instead of the standard orange and black, go with white and black. Rather than carving your pumpkins, you can paint them!  Create spooky faces or whimsical patterns in contrasting colors to make them really stand out. 

Monochromatic Décor

If you want to go simple, then decorate your home with only one color, like white, black or orange. You can create a fun yet classy monochromatic ensemble for your entryway or around a fireplace and mantel.

Haunting Floral Arrangements

Experiment with unconventional arrangements by using feathers, dried and fresh plants and flowers, twigs and vines. Keep the color palette dark and rich with pops of bright color. Look for unique vases or containers.

Dia de los Muertos

 For a twist, celebrate Halloween by using the Mexican Day of the Dead as your décor and party theme. Display vibrant and colorful sugar skulls, candles and folk art, like a paper cutout string banner called a papel picado. Have skull masks for your guests to wear, or even better, turn it into a party activity by letting them decorate their own masks. And don’t forget to serve up traditional Mexican foods and drinks!

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