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Ways to Give Back on Halloween

Help others have a Spooktacular time this Halloween. There’s a variety of ways you can give back to your community, from helping a neighbor decorate to donating your leftover candy.

1. As we all know – kids grow fast. Instead of putting your kid’s previous Halloween costumes in a box to collect dust, donate them to those who might not be able to afford their own. There are children out there who would love a second-hand costume.
2. If you enjoy crafting and have time to spare, perhaps you can create costumes for those who can’t afford their own. If you’re not an expert with the sewing machine, consider crafting a few simple pieces such as superhero capes or costumes you can make simply by gluing items together. Here are fifteen no sew Halloween costumes that you can make. There’s an assortment of delightful disguises that don’t require you to pick up a needle or thread.

3. Donate fun Halloween décor or help a neighbor decorate their home. Some families might not be able to afford holiday decorations for their yard, while others might not be physically able to put them up. Lend a helping hand and assist your neighbors in making a killer yard. Make sure you’re following the proper safety guidelines while decorating. Discover several hauntingly good décor ideas below:

Use colorful construction paper to cut out pumpkins and ghosts. Attach them to a string so you can hang them up outside. You can also repurpose old sheets or towels to make spooky ghosts that hang from trees.

Upcycle toilet paper rolls to make a bunch of monsters. Paint a few rolls in a variety of colors and once they’re dry, draw on polka dots or scales. Create a mummy by wrapping thin strips of toilet paper around it. Paint one green to make a Frankenstein friend. Then use a black marker to draw on hair, a mouth, and stitches. Create as many as you want using items such as googley eyes, glitter, tinfoil, and anything that can add some flair.

Recycle old tissue boxes to create a merry band of mischievous monsters. Flip the empty tissue boxes upside down and paint the outside so they resemble spooky little creatures.

Use balloons to create fun floating ghosts and spooky creatures. Gently draw ghost faces on white balloons and Jack-O’-Lanterns on orange balloons.

4. Host an outdoor Halloween party for the kids in the neighborhood. Uncover fun activities and recipes that everyone will love.

5. Give back to those who serve our nation and donate your left-over candy. Operation Gratitude is a Halloween Candy Give-Back program that collects and donates candy to deployed troops, veterans, and first responders. Show someone some appreciation and send them a candy care package.