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Celebrate Summer with these Festive Party Themes

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Fiesta time!

Celebrate summer with a fiesta! Look for Mexican blankets or ponchos to use as colorful tablecloths. For centerpieces, place yellow, orange or red Gerber daisies or other bold blossoms in terracotta pots or pitchers.

Seek out glasses and dinnerware in bright, festive colors. Whip up a batch of enchiladas, set out the chips and guacamole and get the margaritas (alcoholic or virgin) flowing. If kids are attending your party, think about having a piñata. And of course, Mexican music is a must. The best fiestas often feature live mariachi.

Simply elegant

A simple yet elegant summer dinner party is sometimes the best seasonal celebration. Encourage guests to dress up and join you at an evening cocktail event held in a garden, courtyard, terrace or dining room. Turn on the jazz, pass around the appetizers (or hire someone to do it for you) and revel in the bliss of summer.

Glass votives with white candles set the right tone, as do simple lights. For décor, think minimalistic and go with striking but understated floral arrangements. Take out your best china and silverware for a meal and dessert prepared with local, seasonal ingredients.

Summer tea party

Host a summer tea party and serve brunch with a variety of iced teas.

This light and breezy type of party is perfect for an early get together before the heat of the day.

Dainty sandwiches, fresh fruit and jam scones are lovely to enjoy with tea. If you have herbs in your garden like rosemary, basil or lavender, incorporate them into your food and drink. Present your spread on a table dressed with crisp white linen or cotton cloth, and decorate with shallow bowls of cut tulips or peonies.


These are just some of the ways you can celebrate summer and build a stronger bond with friends and family. The key to throwing the ultimate summer party is picking a theme you love.

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