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The Best Solar Lighting for Outdoors

Solar lighting for outdoors solves a multitude of problems. It brings a warm glow that enhances any outdoor space, and many solar lights packages are easy to install and durable. Whether you are shopping for lights to improve the ambiance of your entertaining area, want to illuminate pathways for your guests, or need motion lights for enhanced security, there are budget-friendly options that you will love. Read on as we reveal some of the best options for solar lighting for outdoors.

Solar Landscape Path Lighting

If your primary goal is to brighten your driveway, the walkway to your front steps, or backyard pathways, solar lighting for outdoors can be an affordable and eco-friendly way to illuminate otherwise deeply shadowed areas. While there are many options to choose from, The Spruce are fans of the “Hampton Bay No Voltage Solar Landscape Path Lights.” The editors loved that these path lights were “weather-resistant and produce 10 lumens of light—which is bright enough for hiking and reading—and have an eight-hour run time when fully charged.” They also get high marks for durability, and they arrive with ten lights rather than the standard packs of six to eight.

Do you have a long pathway that needs brightening? You may want to choose the “GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights.” They come with larger solar panels, and, as The Spruce explains, “their height and larger structure make them a strong pick for anyone hoping to brighten a large area with fewer lights.” They look like elegant lanterns, and they act as a perfect complement to traditional home styles.

Lamp Post Fixtures

Do you love the idea of having a classic lamp post fixture at the end of your driveway to welcome guests to your home? Now, you can put up a post with a solar lamp, allowing you to fulfill your design goals in an environmentally friendly way. Of the affordable options currently available, the editors at Better Homes & Gardens give the nod to the “Kemeco Solar Post Light Fixture.” The Magazine reveals: “In addition to a 3-inch-diameter post, you can also place the solar light on a flat concrete surface with the included mounting base.” This durable option is made of textured glass and metal and comes in white or black for a classic look.

Motion Sensor Security Lights

Unlike solar activated lights used for ambiance, motion sensor lights are primarily used for security. The “Ring Solar Floodlight Outdoor Security Light” caught the attention of the editors at Better Homes & Gardens because of its Smart features. The Magazine advises: “Whenever it detects movement within 45 feet, the weather-resistant floodlight will automatically turn on its bright lights for however many minutes you choose. You can change this setting (as well as set schedules, adjust brightness, and control the device) by using the Ring app on your smartphone.” If you already have an Echo device at home, you can also use that to communicate with the lights.

The Spruce is also a fan of the “Sunforce Solar Motion-Activated Outdoor Triple Head LED Area Light” for security. It is hard to beat the amount of light that it generates. The Magazine raves: “This area light gives off an impressive 1,000 lumens of illumination”… with a “built-in motion detector [that] identifies movement in a 180-degree range and within 30 feet, and you can adjust its detection distance and light duration.”

Vintage-Inspired Solar String Lighting

Few things enhance an outdoor entertainment space’s warm, welcoming feeling more than string lights. Also known as bistro lights, these vintage-inspired bulbs add to the ambient lighting in your backyard or patio in the dreamiest of ways. Better Homes & Gardens is a fan, and the “Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights” are among their favorite ways to add instant character. The Magazine adores this particular set because it “has an antique-looking aesthetic with exposed LED Edison bulbs,” which can be easily installed “over a patio via poles, along a fence, and under a pergola for a magical ambiance under the stars.” The entire strand is charged from a single panel installed in the ground or clipped to a deck, fence, or trellis.

Floral Pattern Lights

There are several solar lighting options that cast shapes or patterns, making for an even more intriguing visual display than your standard light. Enter the “BeauJardin 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights,” which caught the eyes of The Spruce editors. Like the best solar lighting for outdoors, these lights are weather-resistant. As the Magazine reports, “A rustproof stainless steel pole and glass light shade protect the solar battery and lightbulb, and the solar panel charges during the day for eight to 12 hours of illumination.” But what makes this style of light really stand out is its shade. It casts eye-catching floral patterns that are sure to charm.

Modern Farmhouse Lights

For a modern farmhouse aesthetic, mason jar lights offer a picture-perfect answer to your outdoor lighting needs. Better Homes & Gardens raves about the “Gigalumi Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights” and named them among the best decorative options for solar lighting for outdoors. Ideal for the drier climates of the Desert Southwest (the lights may not be 100% waterproof), these mason jar solar lights can hold a charge for up to eight hours (there is a small panel on top of the screw-on lids) and give off a warm white glow. Each jar features a wire handle, which means they can be hung in a number of different ways – a real bonus. Better Homes & Gardens suggests: “You can get creative by hanging the jars on tree branches in the backyard or shepherd’s hooks along a pathway. The lighted jars can also be used as lanterns by keeping them flat on a table or patio.”

Color-Changing LED String Lights

When My Domaine was reviewing a variety of color-changing lights, they struggled to find multi-colored solar lighting for outdoors that didn’t feel “too novelty.” Pottery Barn to the rescue! The editors at My Domaine were enchanted by the “Pottery Barn’s Color-Changing LED String Lights” because the company puts you in control of the color palette. The Magazine reveals: “Each strand ships with a remote, which you can use to activate 14 different color-changing modes. Toggle between monochromatic and analogous color palettes, and remember that you can default to classic warm white at any time.” Giving you the power to change the atmosphere of your outdoor space is a huge bonus. And you’ll cheer for their durability and the energy savings that these joyful solar lights bring.