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Six Sensational Mixed Drinks for the Holidays – BHGRE Season of Sharing

Sensational vodka mixed drinks must make the menu when planning this year’s holiday celebrations. While creating new traditions and ways to celebrate, people are searching for the ideal cocktail to complement their plans. Whether you are toasting with family in-person or hosting a memorable Zoom event with friends, check out these six dazzling vodka mixed drinks.

Cranberry Cosmopolitan

Martha Stewart Living’s “Cranberry Cosmopolitan” takes the classic cocktail and warms it up into a decidedly festive mixed drink ideal for holiday celebrations. The key to this vodka sip is the “cranberry-and orange-infused vodka” that forms the drink’s base. According to the Magazine, all you need to do is grab your “cocktail shaker [and] combine vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, orange liqueur, and ice….” Your tantalizing concoction is then strained into a chilled martini glass with a garnish of skewered cranberries and a twist of orange peel. And just like that, you are ready to serve.

Holiday Vodka Sparkler

Another twist on a classic adored by the editors at Martha Stewart Living is the “Holiday Sparkler.” This two-toned vodka mixed drink brings “flavor and fizz to plain bubbly” for a libation that is “as delicious as it is beautiful.” The drink blends pureed cranberries, vodka, and sugar. The tempting mix is then strained and chilled – it can store for up to a week if you want to prep significantly before your holiday gathering. Next, find your Champagne flutes and get ready to create a stunning ombre effect. As Martha Stewart Living explains: “Fill a flute with 3 tablespoons cranberry-vodka mixture and about 1/2 cup bubbly per glass. For the ombre effect, tilt [the] flute and gently pour Champagne down one side into the glass.” Yum!

The Panettone

The Panettone is one of Rachael Ray In Season’s favorite festive holiday cocktails. Deliciously reminiscent of the Italian dessert bread, this mixed drink features a shaker filled with vodka, Grand Marnier, and orgeat syrup. Once you’ve shaken it well and strained it into a Champagne flute, the final flourish is applied. As the Magazine reveals, mixologists then break out the bubbly and “[top the drink] with champagne and garnish with orange peel.” It’s a sweet, citrusy, colorful treat for celebrating the holidays.

Vodka Reindeer Games

The mixologists at Food & Wine landed on a fun, crowd-pleasing mixed drink that takes the template of the reader-favorite “Duck Race” and runs with it. Why is the vodka “Reindeer Games” such a hit as a sip? The Magazine explains: “it uses raspberry liqueur, and Chambord should be available in stores just about anywhere; vodka is always good for party drinks; and since this cocktail is on ice in a wine glass, it drinks light and easy.” Pour your favorite sparkling wine (nicely chilled, of course), the Chambord, and vodka over ice and choose a garnish that speaks to you – the Magazine’s mixologists recommend a lemon wheel or a few raspberries. What’s not to love?

Meyer Lemon & Mint 

The writers at Food & Wine are also big fans of adding Meyer Lemons into their holiday mixed drinks. Why? The Magazine reports: “Sweet and unbelievably fragrant, Meyer lemons are a cross between a standard lemon and a mandarin orange and have a vibrant, floral scent that reminds us almost of honeysuckle.” Naturally, when they were listing their favorite vodka mixed drinks for end-of-year celebrations, they included their “Meyer Lemon & Mint” creation. According to the experts at Food & Wine, you will want to combine the vodka, Meyer lemon juice, and honey syrup in a resealable quart container when creating a batch. When it is time to serve it, shake the container and then pour two ounces of the pre-made vodka cocktail and three ounces of chilled sparkling white wine into your favorite Champagne flute. The final flourish is the mint, which should be “lightly [tapped] against your hand to release its aromatics before adding it to the glass.” You’ll savor every sip.


Minty Moscow Mule Punch

Every year, Real Simple releases their favorite “Festive Cocktail Recipes to Get You Through Any Holiday Party,” to the delight of readers. Among their refreshing options is the “Minty Moscow Mule Punch.” Easy to prepare in single batches or as a punch, this smooth variation on the traditional vodka cocktail adds one crucial ingredient: “a subtle, cool, and inviting note of mint.” Start by stirring vodka, fresh lime juice, and ginger-mint simple syrup together (the Magazine offers precise chef’s notes for making your own simple syrup here). You can chill the concoction overnight or in as little as two hours before the festivities begin. Just prior to serving, add your favorite ginger beer and serve in a lowball glass (or punchbowl) with crushed ice. But be warned, if your go-to ginger beer is particularly spicy, this vodka mixed drink will reflect that fire.

Bonus Vodka Drink: Glittery NYE Shots

If your Zoom crew, family, or bubble-safe friends want to change into their sparkling finery to see this year done, the “Glittery NYE Shots” from Better Homes & Garden may be the way to go. This vivid drink starts with the creation of glitter vodka, which includes vodka, simple syrup, champagne-gold luster dust, and yellow-gold luster dust. For the precise recipe, click here, but trust us when we say that your guests will be delighted by this festive vodka “shot that matches their shiny outfits” and the bright prospects for the New Year.