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Showing Your House? Don’t Let the Holidays Interfere

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It’s holiday time! You should be spreading yuletide decor and cheer, but you’re selling your house and haven’t closed the deal yet. Do you have people coming over? Do you want to decorate for the season and enjoy this time of year at home while the festivities begin? It’s all possible, without missing out on the holiday fun! Follow our simple steps to show your house successfully during the holiday season.

Showing Your House? Don’t Let the Holidays Interfere -

Decorate, without going to extremes

Don’t stop yourself from getting into the spirit. Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves actually living in the house, so go ahead and decorate. Be sure to keep from going overboard, though. Everyone has unique tastes and will want to deck their halls differently, so you should leave room for buyers to imagine their own styles, too: think sleek and neutral decorations.

If you’ve already begun the moving process and are running low on décor, consider placing throws on a piece of furniture in each room, for an understated means of livening up the space. If you’re still living there, don’t be afraid to host the celebrations—showcase your home’s ability to be the life of the party!

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