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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Every time we enter a new year, there is a sense of a new beginning and a fresh start. Many people write down a few New Year’s resolutions but all too often, they stumble and, over time, retreat to old, possibly unhealthy habits or forget their goals altogether. Use the tips below when setting your goals and learn a few tricks that will help you achieve them.

  1. Write them down! Jotting them down is the first step to getting the ball in motion.
  2. When writing down your goals for the year, consider things that are realistic and attainable. Don’t set several huge goals that would be very difficult to accomplish. A more realistic approach would be to form one large goal and break it down into several smaller steps. Having numerous tasks or steps will make it feel more doable, and you’ll feel good as you cross them off one by one. Breaking it down will also make it easier to stay on track. This approach works well when you’re looking for your next dream home. Here you can discover several ways to simplify the homebuying process by breaking it down into smaller steps and tackling them one at a time
  3. Be realistic. Don’t simply set a goal removing something from your day-to-day for the remainder of the year. Instead of never eating bread again, eat it less frequently. If you cut out something entirely, chances are you’ll crave it more.
  4. Keep your list of goals in a place where you will see them regularly. You can tape a list to your bathroom mirror or fridge or take a photo of your list and keep it in your phone.
  5. When setting a goal, consider teaming up with a friend or partner. Accomplishing a task with a friend will help you be less tempted to give up, plus it can make it much more fun.
  6. Make sure you’re checking your progress frequently if it’s something you can monitor.
  7. Celebrate the small wins and achievements!