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How to Make a Relocation Checklist

Often it feels impossible to keep track of all the details of moving to a new location. The most efficient moves start by learning how to make a relocation checklist. Now that the contracts are signed and you’re ready for a new home, it’s time to prepare. Discover smart tips to create the ultimate checklist for moving comfortably – and eliminate all the stress!

How do I make a moving checklist?

Whether you’re moving across town or to the other side of the country, a relocation checklist helps you stay organized. Start your checklist about two months before moving. Keep a copy in Google documents, accessible from any device or location. Also, print a few copies to have them handy during the move when you might not be accessing electronic devices.

How do you organize relocation?

To get organized before a big move:

  1. Start with cleaning out.
  2. Get rid of garbage, old items, and things you don’t want to haul around.
  3. Be realistic about your items because often, people purchase new ones once they move.
  4. From soiled bedding to broken lawn furniture, assess the house and yard to eliminate clutter. When everything unnecessary is gone, it’s easier to organize the rest.

What are the first steps to relocating?

The first steps to relocating are researching locations and assembling your professional house-hunting team. Your advisors should include a mortgage banker, accountant, real estate agent, lawyer, handyman, insurance agent, inspector, and cleaning service. Keep in mind they cannot tell you demographics or other details about your new neighborhood. So try to visit the area personally or use Google Maps to get a land layout, including hospitals, shopping, schools, libraries, and other important spots.

How do I plan a relocation?

Work with your professional team to plan a seamless relocation. Share your relocation plan with everyone, including friends, family, and the workplace, for a smooth transition. Also, will you hire a moving company or do it yourself? Establish a moving date to have a timeline for scheduling movers or ordering moving supplies. If you hire movers, verify the company is licensed and insured to protect yourself along the way.

What should you not bring when moving?

Be honest with yourself about old things around the house and yard. Also, the lighter the move, the less it costs in time, money, and labor. Think about whether moving certain items or buying new ones would be more efficient. Finally, if you haven’t used or worn it in over a year, get rid of it! Get a safe deposit box or lockbox to store essential documents, paperwork, and photos during the move.

What should my relocation checklist look like?

Keep your relocation checklist simple to follow throughout the process. A checklist helps you keep everything together during a time of change. Here’s an example:

What should I do two months before moving?

  • Make a list of chores such as cleaning out the house and storage areas, tidying the yard, cleaning out the closets, and donating or selling old items.
  • Consider selling old items online through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist or hosting a garage sale.
  • Start sorting, labeling, and boxes the items to move. This is an excellent time to decide if you want to hire movers or DIY so that you can get quotes.
  • Remember to register the children for the new school and get records sent from the current one, including necessary medical and vaccination records.
  • Consider licensing and vaccination requirements in the new neighborhood if you have pets.
  • Inventory all valuable items and get any necessary moving, homeowners, renters, and automotive insurance coverage.
  • Consider all current prescriptions and healthcare providers to get records transferred to others at your new location.
  • If you have a professional license or business, prepare to transfer your records and get established as quickly as possible in your new place.

What should I do one month before moving?

  • Packing gets serious, so start getting plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, and sturdy boxes to organize your items. Some moving companies perform most of the work, but you must still separate your things. Consider saving money by getting boxes from local liquor and grocery stores.
  • Establish a moving date to turn utilities, subscriptions, and alarm providers off at your old location and on at the new one. Consider using a free concierge service to save time, such as Also, remember to provide your new address to the post office to forward all mail directly to important companies, including banks and credit cards.
  • Make travel arrangements, whether you’re driving or taking other transportation. Also, consider how all vehicles and boats will be transported to the new location.

What should I do seven days before moving?

  • Tackle all last-minute packing and keep essentials on hand, including measuring tape, packing tape, a rolling dolly, permanent markers, labels, and cleaning stuff.
  • Return overdue library books and anything else you borrowed in your old neighborhood. Verify memberships were transferred or established at your new place, including the gym and professional organizations.
  • Wash and pack outdoor items, such as garden furniture and lawn mowers. Consider replacing them after moving to minimize your move.
  • Face off with the fridge and clean it out for the new people. Now is a perfect time for gourmet sandwiches and ordering from your favorite local restaurant for the last time!
  • Pack a bag of essentials for each household member that includes two changes of clothes, a phone charger, toiletries, a computer, medications, water, snacks, and eyeglasses or contact lenses. And remember specialty items for little ones and pets, such as a favorite toy or blanket!
  • Clean up, everybody and everywhere! Make sure your old place is immaculate. Also, consider hiring a cleaning service, so your new residence is move-in ready. Additionally, you may need a locksmith to change the locks at your old and new homes.

When you’re well-prepared with a checklist for moving, all you need to do is follow it for a smooth move. Now that you know how to make a comprehensive relocation checklist, you can look forward to your exciting new home!