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Ask a Pro Q&A: Planning Your Outdoor Oasis

Planning a space can be a challenge. By prioritizing needs and accepting challenges, you can create a fresh air space that compensates for smaller rooms or design a space around something you really want, such as a fireplace. Learn how to design an outdoor space that is perfect for you with outdoor pro Carson Arthur.

I just purchased a new home. I have a 11’ by 27’ covered patio in my backyard. I would like to improve this space and do not know what to do. Please help!!!!

-David N.

When deciding how a space will be used during planning, look inside your house for what is missing. A fireplace or a dining area or a bigger kitchen might be identified as a need. You can create a complimentary space outdoors to enhance your quality of life in the home with a few considerations. Start researching flooring options like deck or patios. Plan how big of an area you need based on the size of furniture you want. Start thinking about the time of day that you will be in the yard based on how you are going to use it.  These considerations will point you in the right direction for creating a backyard perfect for your home.

-Carson Arthur