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Pet-Friendly Features That Help Homes Sell Faster

Pets play an important role in many home purchases today. Since pets are beloved members of families, their needs  priority among homebuyers. Studies show that many people shopping for a home make decisions based on what will benefit their pets. As such, homeowners are smart to incorporate pet-friendly features into properties they want to sell.

Approximately 66% of United States households own or plan to own a pet. This is a significant portion of the real estate market that home sellers shouldn’t ignore. Adding pet-friendly features and upgrades could be a game changer in the number of days a home sits on the market. Since the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that nearly half of homebuyers move to create a better life for their pet, homeowners looking to sell should consider catering to dog and cat lovers.

There are many home features you can add that would thrill a pet-loving buyer. You don’t have to go all out with a custom dog grooming station or a floor-to-ceiling cat climbing wall (although some pet owners would probably go crazy for these upgrades). Thoughtful and creative upgrades like dog runs and cozy kitty corners might be all that’s necessary to attract animal lovers.

Considering your budget, your agent’s knowledge of the market, and your love for animals, think about adding one or more of the following pet-friendly features to your home. And remember, you can build these upgrades in a way that would probably even delight buyers without pets.

Pet-Proof Floors

Carpeting and pets don’t mix, so if remodeling your carpeted floors is in your budget, choose flooring made with animal-friendly materials. Tile, ceramic, laminate, or bamboo floors are all good options; they’re durable and easy to clean. Pass on the hardwood, though, which damages quickly (if you love the look of hardwood, choose a treated hardwood variety).

Fenced Yard

Fenced yards are a must for dog owners, so give future pups living in your home a safe place to play and owners some peace of mind. Privacy fences are perfect for preventing furry friends from escaping a yard and they offer the benefit of keeping prying eyes out. But, you can go with a slatted fence if you prefer, as long as the slats aren’t wide enough to let a little dog slip through. When putting a fence around your yard, build the highest one your municipality will allow.

Step-In Shower

Taking dogs to the groomer can be expensive, so help a future homeowner save money with a step-in dog shower or cleaning station. Step-in showers and basic cleaning stations offer dog owners a convenient way to bathe their pups when coming in from the outdoors. They’re especially helpful when built in a mudroom or right outside an entry or back door, on a patio or deck. Step-in showers and cleaning stations are a step up from bathtubs, which can be difficult to lean over when bathing a dog. If you’re thinking about adding this upgrade to your home, ensure you include a handheld shower head.

Screened Porch

If you don’t have a cat, you may not know that catios are all the rage. These specially built screened cat patios are the perfect place for felines to enjoy the excitement of the outdoors without getting hurt. The best catios include climbing structures and plenty of spots for kitties to soak up the sunshine. But, catios aren’t attractive to someone without a cat. So, entice pet owners and buyers without animals by creating a screened four seasons porch that works as a safe space for cats. When you’re constructing the porch, ensure the screening material isn’t susceptible to rips and tears from little kitty claws.

Dog Run

Fenced dog runs sectioned off from a main yard are a nice upgrade for a pet-friendly home. These spaces are ideal for keeping dogs safe from wild animals and confined to one place for easy viewing. Dog runs limit messes to a specific area; a perk for the homeowner. Consider putting fake grass or turf in the dog run for easy cleanup, and to prevent dogs from eating poisonous plants when playing. Also, think about adding a raised feeding station and watering faucet.

Cat Corner

If you have unused space under a staircase, turn it into a cat corner. Kitties love areas where they can hide and sleep undisturbed, and cat-loving homeowners enjoy finding places where they can tuck a litter box away. So, make it easy on your future home buyer by creating an area that does double duty. Make a hole in the wall, insert a door with a smaller cat door, and outfit the inside of the nook with various shelves, landings, and kitty-friendly features.

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