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Interior Design

New Traditional Style

The New Traditional home trend is making its way into our homes and our hearts. Max Wilker, Style Director at Dotdash Meredith, discusses how the look is all about utilizing what was once old and reimagining it with a fresh new finish or bold print fabric. Traditional styling offers chic layering of classic furniture with contemporary accessories. Wilker states, “It’s about freely mixing decades of furnishings with colors, silhouettes, and proportions all working together for a cohesive look.” Discover how to transform your home below.

How to achieve the New Traditional style:

  • Find velvet chairs – preferably in a deep, rich tone to anchor the room
  • Create a traditional fireplace
  • Look for pieces with embroidered details
  • Try floral wallpapers
  • Design with gold and brass lighting and accessories
  • Use a mix of wood stains
  • Find a vintage brass mirror
  • Incorporate a traditional wingback chair
  • Use furniture with simple lines and minimal ornamentation
  • Colors to use include deep rich tones of green, blue, purple, and burgundy balances with softer and more neutral hues