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Interior Design

Maximalism – Then and Now

In honor of Better Homes & Gardens® celebrating its 100th anniversary, we are taking a look at previous home trends that are making their way back into our lives. Keep an eye out for more of our ‘Then and Now’ blogs to learn about these looks and how to achieve the trends we are thrilled to have returned.

From the past to the present:

Believe it or not, Maximalism has been around for decades. It started off as a way to showcase your riches, as people collected exquisite objects and put them on display. La­­ter on, the trend became more focused on displaying your personality. In the 70s, it evolved into a popular interior design trend, and today, the fun and playful layers are popping back up to say hello. After spending an abnormal amount of time indoors due to the pandemic, people started looking for more joy in their homes – which is exactly what this trend is all about, JOY.

living room with many objects

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is about saying goodbye to the rules and embracing fun patterns, colors, and textures. The interior design trend is about creating joy in your space and embracing self-expression. When designing a space, you don’t have to hold back or worry about things clashing. Use layers of texture and colors and tell a story in your home that makes you smile. Put your personality on display.

wall wit wallpaper, vintage table and floral chair

How to achieve Maximalism in interior design:

  • Use bold and vibrant colors
  • Layer, layer, layer
  • Put meaningful items on display that make you smile or remind you of a happy memory
  • Let your personality show, and don’t worry if others will like it
  • Use patterns such as floral and animal prints
  • Embrace wallpaper, even on the ceiling
  • Put out statement pieces such as a unique antique or a playful rug
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles
  • Make your home an expression of you

living room with many frames hanging on the wall