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Marketing Your Home for Sale

Selling your home can be a time consuming and frustrating process without the help of an experienced listing agent. Simply listing your home for sale is easy enough; however, the key to actually selling your home is typically a successful marketing campaign. This is where a skilled and knowledgeable real estate agent comes in handy. Your real estate agent may utilize a number of different marketing techniques to ensure that your listing reaches the widest possible audience which will dramatically increase the likelihood of a prompt and profitable sale.

Multiple Listing Service

One of the biggest advantages to working with an experienced listing agent is that your agent will enter your listing into the regional multiple listing service, or MLS, as soon as you decide to list your home. Each MLS is put together and managed by local real estate professionals who come together and collaborate with one another in order to keep an accurate and structured database with consistent information about the homes for sale within their area. The MLS is a database that is only accessible to licensed real estate agents who are members of the specific regional association. By including your listing in the MLS database by the power of your agent, other agents in your area who represent prospective buyers will be able to quickly access your home’s listing. That, in turn, will increase the traffic through your home which should ultimately result in a sale.

Open House

An open house is a way for buyers’ agents and the general public to preview your home. When working with an agent, you should first expect to have an open house for local agents to view the property in order to see if it is compatible with the needs of any of their clients. Soon thereafter, you will have to hold an open house for prospective buyers who want to view your home as well as curious passersby and neighbors.  While anyone can put on an open house, an experienced listing agent knows exactly how to stage your home. Also, home buyers tend to feel less pressured when the home’s owner is not there. Your real estate agent will also have the necessary network to get out the word about the open house, ensuring a maximum turnout.


Selling a home works on much the same principals as selling anything else – the more people who know about the home, the better your chance of finding a suitable buyer. Trying to advertise your home yourself can be costly and ineffective. Even something as seemingly simple as photographing your home can become time consuming and frustrating if you have never done it before. Your agent, however, already has an advertising system that likely includes avenues such as the newspaper, internet and even television or radio that will maximize your home’s exposure. Moreover, your listing agent will more likely have a better idea of how to photograph the property so your home will be shown in the best light – literally.

Marketing your home for sale without the assistance of an experienced listing agent can be an arduous and futile effort. By depending on an experienced real estate agent you will increase your home’s exposure and will likely have an offer to purchase in no time.