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Home Maintenance

Don’t Let Chores Pile Up: Maintain your house in half the time

Preventive cleaning was once as popular as the hula hoop and Audrey Hepburn, proving a clean house is the most timeless accessory to a happy home.


A house that needs cleaning is an unwelcomed distraction from living life to its fullest. Piles of dirty laundry or chaos in the living room can dull the day’s accomplishments. Clean homes make it easier to find lost items and allow the mind to relax. Below is a list of preventive tasks that can be accomplished daily or weekly to make sure your home always shines.



Keep microfiber cloths, your favorite cleaners and whatever else you need in buckets or decorative baskets in high traffic areas. With these kits readily available, 10 minutes of spot cleaning can make a difference. Select optimal times for you and family members to dedicate to cleaning. It can be once a day, week or month. To make chores a bit more fun, create a playlist or use this time as an opportunity to completely disconnect.



The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most used spaces. Keeping it clean is not impossible when care is given to maintenance. To pass the white glove test, take care of spills and messes as you cook. Rinse pots and pans after use if they cannot be washed right away. Line the stove and oven with tinfoil for quick cleanups. Dust cookbooks and countertop appliances every day just as you do the counters. Additionally, line cabinets with paper to toss out weekly or monthly.



Your bedroom is a haven for sleep and relaxation. Always make the bed upon waking or shortly afterward. Doing so makes the room look pulled together and starts the day with a sense of accomplishment. Place a hamper where needed and do laundry at least once a week. If cleaning the ceiling fan has gotten away from you, place an old towel directly beneath the fan to keep away dust bunnies. Keep framed art clean by misting a paper towel and wiping the glass rather than directly spraying it to prevent seepage around the edges. Use a lint roller to dust lampshades.


Living room

Clutter clogs the flow of any room, but it is quite noticeable in the living room. If you have yet to toss out items that do not bring you joy, make it a priority to chuck or donate non-essentials and have a place for everything. Place baskets strategically throughout the room for toys, remotes and whatever else tends to collect. Vacuuming and dusting the living room at least once a week puts an emphasis on picking up stray items. Get into the habit of neatening up at the end of the evening as part of a winding down routine to banish clutter.



Keeping the bathroom clean requires organization. Having dedicated spots for makeup and grooming tools reduces clutter. Wet wipes under the sink will clean toothpaste and soap splatters on faucets, mirrors and countertops. It is best to leave bar soap in the shower rather than placing it on the sink to avoid messes. Keep a shower cleaner in a caddy nearby for a quick spray of the tile and liner when done bathing. Wipe down the sink after every use. Deep clean the tub and toilet at least once a month to prevent smells and stains.

Stay on schedule when cleaning your home to always be ready for company and much more. Inspired by the September 1957 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine.