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Joyful At-Home DIY Projects – BHGRE #HappyHome

As we collectively struggle to get through the stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and quarantine that has accompanied the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that mental health has suffered. In a major way, our emotional well-being has been impacted by our job losses, health anxiety, and limited exposure to friends, family, and people in general.

From having to learn how to safely putting away groceries to forcing ourselves to don a mask and stay  six feet away from those we care about, we’ve all been through the ringer lately. It has never been more important to focus on self-care and mental health. While there’s no quick fix for the underlying problems we are all facing during these times, there are some small things we can do for ourselves to inspire joy. At-home DIY projects are one way to lighten your mood and help you to feel in control of some aspects of your life, however minor.

Enjoyable At-Home DIY Projects

Have you always wanted to repaint your guest bedroom or give your bathroom a new look? These projects likely get shifted to the back burner during typical seasons of life, when work, family, and the chores of daily life get in the way. Now, though, you might be able to squeeze in some home improvement time in between Zoom calls or on stuck-at-home weekends.

Ready to get started? Painting projects are great because they require more time than you might normally have, but they can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time, like over a weekend or after dinner for several days. You might already have brushes, painters’ tape, and drop cloths at home. A quick online order to curbside pickup at your local home improvement store can yield the paint you need and any other missing supplies. Then, it’s time to open your windows, throw on the radio, and let your thoughts flow as you refresh your home.

Sick of your bathroom? You can give it an easy facelift by switching out window treatments, shower curtains, bath mats, and towels. Accessories make or break a bathroom, so finding coordinating pieces in one style or color family is a must. You can even get creative and change out drawer pulls to revive a tired vanity.

DIY Kitchen Projects

If you’re like most of us, you probably have been spending much more time in your kitchen than usual during this period of social distancing. Why not give it a few refreshes to make your time there more enjoyable?

Have a messy pantry? Now’s the time to pull everything out. Add shelves made of old wood and mounting brackets, if you so desire. Use storage containers and wire shelves to organize items by type. Move older food products to the front of each row of its type to ensure it gets used before it goes bad.

Need more organizational strategies? Hang Command hooks on the inside doors of your cabinets to hang measuring cups and spoons by their handles. Invest in a lid-storage container to tame your Tupperware collection. As you go through your kitchen, donate or recycle anything you find that you haven’t used in over a year. No matter how sizable your space, there’s no need to hang on to things that aren’t useful to you.

Outdoor Projects Spark Joy

Fill your heart with joy by engaging in some physical activity in the sunshine. Have a garden? Get to weeding, and add a few of your favorite blooms. Take the time to really marvel at your flowers once you’ve finished by sitting outside on a lawn chair and admiring them. Do this regularly so you can really benefit from your labor.

Get creative with your DIY outdoor projects. Have you always dreamed of a yard mimicking an English cottage garden? Use slate or pavers to build a garden path. Install solar-powered lanterns along your path for maximum enjoyment at night. Roses are an integral aspect of this aesthetic, so invest in a trellis and get several varieties for a colorful treat.

Do you have a deck? If so, use old fabric scraps to sew decorative pillows for your deck chairs. Add twinkling lights or tiki torches for some nighttime ambiance. Don’t have a deck, but want one? Now could be a great time to get building. Contact your local building authority to be sure you have the necessary permits before you get started. Research deck plans online to get great ideas and specific measurements before you buy any lumber or tools.