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Color Schemes to Make Your Kitchen Really Pop

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Is your kitchen lacking energy? Are all the hard, neutral surfaces fading into each other? Whether you decide to paint cabinets, incorporate splashy accents or tile your floors, these bright kitchen color ideas are guaranteed to give your home a colorful new lease on life.

Try adding interest with candy-color cabinets

Try adding interest with candy-color cabinets.

If investing in a full set of bright cabinets is scary, dip your toes in the water by painting just a few of your existing wood cabinets. Accent paint colors for the kitchen work well on a small stretch of upper cabinets on their own wall, on an island or on a nonpermanent piece such as a buffet. If you have glass-front cabinets, you can also introduce an even smaller pop of color by simply painting or wallpapering the insides.

Invest in some walls that wow

Invest in some walls that wow.

Test out some of these kitchen paint ideas. For maximum saturation, give your walls all-over color with paint or wallpaper. For even more drama, carry the kitchen wall paint color onto the ceiling. For a low-effort, low-cost approach with big results, add color to just one accent wall using paint, wallpaper or removable decals.

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