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Interior Design

Home Trends: What’s In and What’s Out in 2024

A new year is ushering in a fresh collection of home trends with fun and funky styles we’ve seen before sitting alongside modern design ideas revamped for 2024.

Retro-inspired curvy furniture, mixed metals, and mass-market design collars will make their way into homes across the United States in a big way.

What are homeowners forgetting about for the new year? All-white interiors, extreme minimalism, and farmhouse style are now deemed too ordinary to trend, among other design ideas.

Here’s what’s in and out among home trends for 2024.

What’s In

Curvy Furniture

Curvy furniture will make a statement again next year in sofas, coffee tables, and dining tables. The flowy and organic look of these sculptural furnishings promotes a feeling of calm while exhibiting high style, an aesthetic many homeowners are on board with. There are countless ways to complete a room’s look focusing on curvilinear furniture, such as pairing a round sofa with a morphing or teardrop-shaped coffee table.

Art Gallery-Style Spaces

Ultra-modern interior design setups like those in art museums will have their moment in 2024. Think clean lines, bold colors, and eye-catching patterns for lighting, textiles, and furniture, all coming together in a perfectly arranged visual statement that demands attention.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals will be a hit with tons of opportunities to embrace brass, bronze, nickel, and chrome simultaneously. While mixing metals in bathrooms and kitchens can produce a harmonious look, and living rooms and dining rooms may receive an impressive update through the use of various metals, experts still say to stick to two metal tops in any design scheme.

Mass-Market Design

Because 2023 was a massive year for interior design collaborations between mass-market retailers and big-name designers, we expect this trend to amplify in 2024. Only, expect a number of these style-driven partnerships to reveal themselves through more approachable and affordable brands.

Bold Colors

Bold and vibrant purples like deep magenta and playful plum will take the spotlight in interior design in the coming year, as will other hues that promote a sense of happiness and whimsey. Uplifting teal and royal emerald will also trend as homeowners strive to create celebratory and joyful spaces.

Low-Impact Decor

Reducing waste has long been on trend as a general way of living, and now there’s a huge push for the low-impact movement to make its way into interior design. There’ll be a momentous turn toward zero-impact furnishings and decor that reduces a homeowner’s carbon footprint. Brands that create furniture from sustainable or recycled materials will likely see more business, and designers will probably focus on locally sourced and thrifted pieces.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

Creating a blissful space to escape and rejuvenate is trending among homeowners. Bathrooms, in particular, in 2024 will likely get makeovers that accentuate luxe living. This means that spa bathrooms will trend with amenities like backlit mirrors, spa lighting, steam showers, and even cold plunges.

What’s Out

All-White Interiors

Many homeowners love the look of an all-white space with white walls, flooring, cabinets, and countertops. While this aesthetic can give a home a clean and airy feel, plenty of designers say the trend for 2024 will be to integrate more color into pristine spaces. Bold paint and tile, for example, can add interest to an otherwise bland room. Even kitchen backsplashes can get new life with warmer and more inviting tones.

Extreme Minimalism

Extreme minimalism in furniture and finishes will take a backseat next year to more functional and thoughtful design. Doors without handles or knobs, and bare walls lacking texture, may appear sleek but can tend to come off as uninviting and sterile.

Farmhouse Style

In the last decade, you’d be hard-pressed to find a mainstream design magazine or mass-market decor store that didn’t embrace the farmhouse style in some fashion. According to the experts, thought, this look that incorporates design elements like wide plank flooring, reclaimed wood art pieces, and rustic finishes is on its way out.

Recessed Lighting

Say goodbye to predictable recessed lighting and embrace statement light fixtures and hidden lighting instead. Recessed lights can take away from a room’s charm and reduce its overall aesthetic to function instead of flair. To stay on trend, opt for unique and creative fixtures that blend in with your design or become a focal point of it rather than detract from it.

Faux Limewash Walls

Design trends for 2024 will focus on authenticity in expression and implementation. While walls painted to resemble a rustic texture surely don’t scream ‘genuine,’ you can get this look stylishly by affixing natural stone in a modern way with interior stacked stone veneer wall panels.

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