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Home Maintenance

Top 10 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Working Order: A Checklist

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Winter is usually the time to hunker down. Ensure your home is ideal for getting cozy by tackling to-dos you’ve put aside during summer and fall. Anticipate how harsh weather will impact your home.





Start with:

  1. Winterizing your grounds by
  • making sure the snow blower is working
  • stocking up on supplies like ice melt and shovels
  • looking for signs of potential ice dams
  1. Batten up the inside of your home by
  • putting a new filter on the heating system
  • inspecting pipes
  • having a backup generator
  • stocking supplies

Throughout the year, check stocks of batteries and light bulbs. Give rugs and furniture a good vacuum and do periodic checks for mold and insects. Each year, refer to this home maintenance list.

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