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Have a Spooktacular Halloween

The following recipes and spooky craft ideas will result in one hauntingly good Halloween.

Hauntingly Good Recipes

  • Grab your witch’s cauldron and stir up this delicious pumpkin ginger soup.
  • This tombstone taco dip is to die for. Tortilla tombstones anyone?
  • These deadly good cupcakes are easy to whip up. Bake cupcake flavors of your choosing, and once they have cooled, top them off with chocolate icing. Crush a few Oreos or chocolate cookies and sprinkle the crumbles on top of the icing to look like dirt. Next, pipe R.I.P in black icing onto the top half of a Milano cookie and stick it into the cupcake so the top part sticking out resembles a gravestone. You can also place the cookies into a brownie.
  • Eight-legged cake pops anyone? First, make a batch of cake pops and cover the outside in fine chocolate sprinkles. Then, stick eight legs out the side and top it off with two candy eyes. Creepy, crawly, delicious.
  • Make a beautiful pumpkin cake out of two bunt cakes! Bake two bunt cakes and add orange food coloring into the batter so it’s nice and vibrant when you cut into it later. Once the cakes have cooled, flip one cake upside down and ice the bottom, which is now facing up. This icing layer will help keep the two bunt cakes together. Gently place the other bunt cake on top. If it’s wobbly, you might need to use a few dowels. Then cover the entire thing in orange icing, stick a pretzel stick out of the top center for the stem, and voila, you made a pumpkin cake!
  • Creep it real with the following frighteningly delicious Halloween recipes.
  • Spooky and healthy is always an option. All you need are green apples, strawberries, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds. First, cut the apple into slices. Take each slice and cut out a sliver in the middle that will serve as the mouth. Shmear peanut butter into the sliver (the mouth) and place a thin slice of a strawberry sticking out of the bottom to look like a tongue. Use sunflower seeds to make rows of teeth and top it off with two candy eyes.
  • Trust us, you knead these spiced pumpkin doughnuts in your life.
  • Create spooky and sweet Halloween drinks that will raise your guests’ spirits.
  • Top off your cocktails with a creepy eyeball. Place a blueberry inside of a lychee, and you have the perfect Halloween cocktail.

Deadly Décor and Party Ideas

  • No smoke machine? No problem. Take a diffuser or humidifier and carefully place it into a fake cauldron and turn it on for a smokey effect.
  • Swap out your family photos for a night and create a gallery wall of your favorite monsters. For a cohesive look consider printing them in black and white.
  • Buy a few plastic cloches at a discount store to create a few hauntingly cool displays. Place a small skeleton head in one, a few fake spiders in another, and maybe some fake eyeballs in a third.
  • Bubble, bubble, spiders, and trouble. Fill a clear glass soap dispenser with a light-colored soap and put several small plastic spiders in it to create a spooky effect.
  • Upcycle your empty tissue boxes to create spooky creatures and mischievous monsters. Transform one into Frankenstein by painting the entire thing green and topping it off with stitches and a face. Paint one orange and draw a jack-o-lantern face on the side to make a pumpkin. The kids will love gluing on googley eyes, drawing silly faces, and creating their own original creatures.
  • Fill two or three clean, sterile gloves with water, tie them up, and place them in the freezer. Leave them in until they are solid ice. Right before your guests arrive, fill your punch bowl with a delicious drink and a little bit of ice, so the liquid cools down. Take your ice hands out of the freezer, remove the glove and place your frozen creepy hands in the punch bowl for spooky ice.
  • Halloween table ideas:
    • Place a black runner down the center of the table and top it off with red rose petals, skeleton hands, and a large skull in the center.
    • Fill vases with black branches, twigs, and red roses.
    • Lay a giant skeleton along the middle of the table and fill its torso and ribcage with candy.
    • Place purple fairy lights in a clear vase to create a glowing glass centerpiece.
  • Get crafty with the kids! Let your kids stick their thumbs in orange paint and make thumbprints all over a white pumpkin. Once the paint has dried, they can paint little jack-o-lantern faces and stems onto the prints to make them all into pumpkins. You can use white paint on an orange pumpkin and paint the thumbprints to look like spooky little ghosts.
  • Buy a variety of vases at your nearby thrift store and spray paint them black. After they dry, grab a paint pen and write different potion titles on them. “Spooky Juice” “Witches Brew” “Dragons Blood”