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Have a Memorable Fourth of July

Have a blast this July 4th using the following recipes, backyard décor ideas, and fun outdoor activities.  

 Fourth of July Recipes 

  • These delicious July 4th picnic recipes will result in an all-star gathering.    
  • Stir this Provencal pesto into a bowl of boiled potatoes or pasta salad with shredded chicken.  
  • Mix a refreshing pear vinaigrette with this grilled vegetable and mozzarella ensalada. 
  • These open-face pesto-chicken mozzarella melts will be a huge hit at any gathering. Serve these grilled chicken burgers on a slice of ciabatta bread with a few fresh basil leaves for one incredible meal.  
  • Serve flavor-packed black bean chipotle burgers that will make everyone’s tastebuds dance with joy.  
  • Easy to grab, delicious to eat, these hamburger sliders with cranberry chutney are perfect for any backyard gathering.  
  • Bake one white and one red velvet cake. After they have cooled, cut each cake into about 1-inch slices and stack them alternating each layer, so it looks like the stripes on the American flag. Add blue food coloring to icing before spreading it on top, and then for the final touch, add white star sprinkles.  
  • End the day with a fresh and berry-topped, berry delicious flag cake 
  • Bake an Independence Day cookie pizza! Press and flatten cookie dough into a 14-inch pizza pan and bake it until golden. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, and then scatter mini marshmallows across the top. Then sprinkle the top with red and blue candy-coated chocolates. Easy and delicious.  
  • This patriotic berry flag tart is just as tasty as it looks.  
  • Make American flag pretzel sticks by dipping a pretzel into melted white chocolate about 5 inches. After it has cooled, dip the same end of the pretzel into melted blue chocolate about 1 inch and place white start sprinkles on the blue portion before it dries. Fill a piping bag with red icing and drizzle it back and forth across the white chocolate to create the stripes.  

  • Get your patriotic party on with incredible 4th of July drinks 
  • Enjoy these refreshing summer cocktails that are exactly what your guests will enjoy at the end of a hot day.  


Backyard Preparation and July 4th Décor 


Outdoor Activities for the 4th of July 

  • Get your game on and discover some family fun with fourth of July games for kids.  
  • Make a photo booth in your backyard! Use construction paper to cut out patriotic themed props such as red hats and blue bowties. Take silly photos and share them with loved ones.   
  • Discover endless entertainment with these games you’ll be playing all summer long 
  • Build a rocket out of cardboard boxes so the young ones can fly high. Take a large cardboard box, cut out ½ of one side, and place it upright so the opening serves as a window. Cut out two wings and tape one to each side. For the top of the rocket, cut out a triangle and attach it to the top. If you want to take it another level, you can paint the outside or wrap it in fun wrapping paper. Glue painted bottle caps on to look like buttons and use a paper plate as a wheel. Blast off!  

  • These fun outdoor yard games are great family entertainment and will be a hit at parties.  
  • Set up a kid’s craft table. Use toilet paper or paper towel tubes to make little rockets! You and the kids can paint the cardboard red, white, and blue and then glue ribbons or tassels onto one end. Paint little stars on the outside to give it a boost! For the top of the rocket, make a cone shape out of paper to glue it to the top.