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Give the Gift of Joy – Home, Hearth and Holidays with BHGRE®

Put a smile on your loved ones’ faces with these holiday gift ideas.

  • Create a customized calendar using photos of their favorite places and things or use pictures of memories you’ve shared.
  • Make some fun and useful coasters. There are designs for beer lovers, clay pieces that resemble artwork, and several nature-inspired options.
  • Frame a map of somewhere you went on vacation together and pin photos from that trip around the map.
  • A family recipe book is the perfect gift for the home chef. Gather all of the family’s recipes and magazine cutouts and either organize them like a scrapbook or type them up and have a book printed.
  • Gifts for pet lovers:
    • Get their pet’s face printed on items such as pajamas, pillows, a blanket, or socks.
    • Have a photo of their pet made into a custom pet portrait.
    • A water or food bowl with their pet’s name on it.
  • Find an attractive bag and fill it with your loved one’s favorite things. Items you may want to incorporate include their favorite candy, something that will remind them of a moment you shared, your favorite photo of you together, and a list of your five favorite things about them. It will show how much you care.
  • Check out incredible resin craft ideas that can spruce up anyone’s home.
  • These easy crafts with photos make incredible, personal gifts.  
  • Take drinking glasses up a few notches by etching something personal onto them. You will need Armor Etch, an Exacto knife, masking tape, and a set of plain beer or cocktail glasses. One option would be to tape a stencil to the outside of the glass wherever you want the shape or letter to go. Put on gloves, dip a paintbrush into the Armor Etch, and apply a coat onto the stencil. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, and then wash off the etching cream and peel off the tape and stencil. You can also use the Exacto knife to cut out a shape, sports logo, or anything they might like out of thick paper and tape it to the glass. Make sure the paper isn’t too thin or the Armor Etch may go through the paper.
  • Help your friends and family dress up their houseplants by making these folded felt planters.
  • These cookie gift ideas are inexpensive and can be made in bulk for parties, holidays, or as presents for your coworkers.
  • Buy an online learning class for something they love or have shown interest in. You can gift cooking classes, wine tastings, craft classes, acting classes, exercise courses, and tons more.
  • Photo transfers are personal, homemade, and something your friends and family will cherish forever. Simply pick the photo they would love and follow these photo transfer steps. You can also watch this video for tips on how to photo transfer.
  • We could all use a little relaxation. Create a relaxation kit with some of the following: DIY bath bombs, candles (with relaxing scents such as ylang ylang, lavender, or lemon), warm string lights, face masks, a soft blanket, tea, or fuzzy socks.
  • If you’re not very crafty, have no fear; there are several gifts ideas that people will enjoy. A few options include a temperature-controlled mug, photo printer, weighted blanket, resin art kit, chocolate tasting box, personalized cutting board, or outdoor string lights.
  • Check out tons of affordable holiday gift ideas.
  • Grab a needle and thread and try out these easy-sew Christmas gifts.
  • Learn how to make a gnome cookie jar in just two simple steps.