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Family Friendly Neighborhoods in South Florida

Although Florida has been a favored retirement location for many decades, south Florida has only truly started burgeoning in the last couple of decades. Many cities in south Florida, in fact, are not known as retirement destinations but as family friendly places to raise children. Fort Lauderdale, for example, offers numerous big city advantages while still maintaining the characteristics of a “family-friendly” city.


Demographically, almost half of all households in Fort Lauderdale are made up of families with children under the age of 18 living there. Although the city does have some retirees, they account for only about 25 percent of all households. Residents of Fort Lauderdale represent both blue and white collar workers who have an above average education and typically earn an upper middle class income. The Broward School District services students in Fort Lauderdale public education. For parents who wish to send their children to private or parochial schools, the city offers numerous options.
Located about 30 miles north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale has become a suburb of Miami given the urban sprawl that has taken place over the last two decades in south Florida. Fort Lauderdale officially encompasses 36 square miles along the Atlantic Coast of Florida and has a year around population of just over 165,000 residents. Because it is a popular tourist destination, the city also hosts an average of 10 million visitors each year. Although geographically close to Miami, Fort Lauderdale offers an urban oasis to families who want to be near the excitement of Miami but do not wish to raise their children there. If you are looking for family friendly neighborhoods in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a nice suburb to consider. Known as the “Venice of America” because of the miles of waterways that can be found there, Fort Lauderdale offers homebuyers the rare ability to purchase a waterfront home on an average family budget.
South Florida real estate has historically been among some of the highest priced real estate in the country and Fort Lauderdale is no exception. However, with 60 official neighborhoods and an additional 30 unofficial neighborhoods, homebuyers have a good chance of finding an affordable home in Fort Lauderdale among south Florida’s homes for sale. In the south Florida real estate market, Fort Lauderdale is unique in that it offers a wide range of options, which include affordable homes as well as high-end real estate options from which a home buyer can choose.
For anyone who is looking for south Florida homes for sale, Fort Lauderdale should be on the list of cities to visit. With its family friendly atmosphere, yet proximity to the shopping and entertainment Miami has to offer, Fort Lauderdale may be the perfect match for you.  For additional information about South Florida, you can always find professional real estate advice with an experienced Florida real estate agent who is familiar with the area.