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Fall Décor Trends with Interior Design Pro Jennifer Adams

With fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to update your home décor and welcome the new season in style. To effortlessly transition your home, here are some of the best décor trends to try.

Bring Nature Indoors

Taking inspiration from Mother Nature, bring the natural, lush beauty of the outdoors into your home with houseplants. They make great decorating accents by adding color and character, and they help create a flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. With the variety of species, sizes and shapes, you have an array of choices that fit your needs and style. Additionally, plants purify the air and produce a calming effect. They’re the perfect natural mood-enhancer!

Flower Power

From patterns on wallpaper, curtains and upholstery to fresh bouquets dotting your tabletops, flowers are a gorgeous way to uplift any room. Like houseplants, flowers are a great accent, adding a splash of color and giving your space a finished look. With a myriad of options to choose from, you can go bold with a bright, colorful bouquet on your dining room table, and grace your entry table with an elegant monochrome arrangement that welcomes you home every day.

Natural Wood

Continuing with the theme of bringing nature indoors, you can’t go wrong with fine natural wood pieces like tables, stools, chairs, shelves and accessories. The idea is to allow the natural wood grains and tones take center stage. This trend also includes unfinished or distressed wood furniture like a rustic farmhouse kitchen table or dining room table.

Earthy Tones

As for a color palette, think earthy tones. Rich shades of brown, green, and blue are excellent choices, as well as soft whites that evoke sand dunes, pale wood, and natural linen. The idea is to create a soothing sanctuary to retreat and relax in. Don’t forget to add those pops of color, too—a burst of red, yellow or orange will enliven the space and your senses.

Soft and Curvy

From circular lampshades to round accent pillows to curvy sofas and armchairs, it’s all about soft lines. When you look around nature, curves rule—whether it’s the graceful curve of a flower’s petal, the delicate spiral of a seashell or the hardy roundness of a tree trunk. Similarly, incorporating curves into your home décor creates an elegant, fresh and inviting space with a natural flair.

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