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Interior Design

DIY with What You Have

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Refreshing your home doesn’t have to mean getting bogged down in major projects. These easy DIY ideas offer serious design inspiration without the big commitment. 

Paint a pattern

Paint a pattern.

A fresh coat of colorful paint will revive a piece of furniture, but you can take it a step further by adding a pattern, too. Use paint pens to draw designs on drawer fronts, tabletops and more.

Embellish with watercolor

Embellish with watercolor.

To give a plain lampshade an artistic makeover, moisten a large paintbrush with water and sweep a wavelike pattern around the bottom of the shade. Then, tap wet paint into the pattern with a soft, round watercolor brush. (Use watercolor paint for paper lampshades and fabric paint for fabric shades.) The paint will bleed to the edges of the moistened area. After the paint dries, dot the wave with more paint in alternating colors. For dots that blend, paint them with edges touching.

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