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Decorating with Lights for Halloween

You are not alone if you are getting excited about decorating your home with lights and spirited displays for Halloween. From simple DIY projects to more elaborate creations, there are countless options for bringing a sense of magic, eeriness, and fun to your home on October 31st. If you are still searching for unique ideas, read on for our favorite tips for decorating with lights this Halloween.

Decorating Eerie Paths with Lights

If you are welcoming family, friends, and trick-or-treaters to your home for Halloween, you’ll want to highlight your walkway in some fun and eerie ways. Consider carving small pumpkins and illuminating them with battery-operated votive candles before placing them along your front walkway or on your porch steps. If you have easy access to tree branches or a porch ceiling, Martha Stewart Living loves the idea of hanging “giant gothic lanterns … vellum printed with [their] clip-art designs” for a spooky, eye-catching touch that sheds just the right amount of light on your walkway and front door. 

Staging Ghoulish Graveyard Scenes

Do you love setting up ghoulish Halloween yard displays when decorating with lights? Among other macabre touches, glowing tombstones are sure to get attention. Start by staging a plot of your front yard as a makeshift graveyard and set the scene with spine-chilling tombstones that beckon in the night. Martha Stewart Living offers a set of templates that will make your Halloween light display the talk of the neighborhood. How? The Magazine explains that “the ‘stones’ are gray luminarias (paper bags) stenciled with epitaphs and trimmed into shape. Lights are placed inside them so the glow appears to emanate from the underworld.”  

Creating Silly and Scary Window Scenes

If you are looking for something that leans toward zany rather than scary for Halloween, you’ll agree with the editors of Southern Living that Wiggly Monster window decals are perfect. They are ideal for homes that have young children or are welcoming them to the house for trick-or-treating. Southern Living raves: “They’re easy to apply to glass windows—just peel and stick—without causing any damage.” Once the decals are applied, you just need to point green, yellow, or purple light bulbs at the windows to get that supernatural glow.

Want something scarier when decorating with green lights? Martha Stewart Living suggests using their “monstrous birds” template “drawn and cut from black plastic weed barrier” with a green backlight to create a perfectly ominous scene.  

Jack-o’-Lantern Light Displays

The jack-o’-lantern is part of time-honored tradition for a reason. Each creation is unique, and young kids (and not-so-young-kids) enjoy being part of the creative process. Plus, once the tea light or battery-operated votive is added, the carved display gives off a decidedly creepy and mysterious vibe. Real Simple adores the traditional carve-and-scoop method with a classic design. Of course, the jack-o’-lantern design transcends illuminated pumpkins on the porch or walkways. Real Simple also encourages using the iconic design on cupcake candles, chandelier shades, and lit bean bag tosses.

Spooky Porches

In addition to the spider webs, creepy music, and haunting character displays, Better Homes & Gardens recommends raising the spooky factor with a DIY black candle urn. The project is surprisingly simple, using black “foam pipe tubes and battery-operated tea light candles.” It’s a big hit not only for its design but also because battery-operated candles offer a safer display option than open flame when decorating with lights – a critical thing to keep in mind when welcoming guests to your door for Halloween. 

Ghostly Centerpieces

If you want something simple when decorating with lights that still makes a statement, the Blue Neon Ghost Light from FUNPENY is bound to be a conversation starter. You can keep it in your window, set it on a nightstand, or use it as a party-table centerpiece. It has a sleek design and a pronounced glow that continues long after Halloween has faded into memory. Its style and the fact that it can be charged by battery or USB port are among the many reasons Southern Living includes it among their favorite ways to decorate this Halloween.  

Haunted Mirrors

For a thoroughly creepy mirror image in your entertaining space, Martha Stewart Living’s “ghost hands” mirror is a must. At the center of the startling image is a print-and-adhere template of hands seemingly pressing against the mirror’s glass in an attempt to escape. Light it from below with a simple lantern, votive, or flashlight, and watch with glee as guests jump when the light flickers and the ghostly hands come into view. 

Spirited Wall Décor

The editors at Southern Living know that you might want your interior décor to be in the holiday spirit, but not necessarily filled with horror and gore. The Magazine suggests that when you begin decorating with lights for Halloween, consider adding Spiderweb Lights to indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. Affordable and engaging, “[their favorite] cheeky spiderweb has three different light modes that the kids will love to change each night.”  

For a more ghostly effect in your entertaining space, a fake window might just do the trick. Southern Living recommends trying the Lighted Ghostly Tattered Curtain Halloween Decoration from Why does it make their “go-to” list? The Magazine explains: “This fake window with tattered curtain has an unnerving ghost shadow, and comes complete with ghostly lights and haunted house sound effects—perfect for ramping up the scare factor.”