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Decorating with Holiday Lighting

As the season of celebration arrives, your home’s festive spirit can shine with dazzling holiday lighting. This doesn’t mean that you need to have lights on every inch of your rooftop or trees – although we support that! Even small accents, from window treatments to nightstand accessories, can make an impact. With a little bit of planning, the possibilities for glowing good cheer are endless. Read on as we share some of our favorite ideas for bringing the season alive with joyous holiday lighting.  

Send a Message with LED Rope Holiday Lighting

LED rope lights allow you to send a message in a way that is “bright, energy-efficient, and easy,” according to Martha Stewart Living. The Magazine offers templates, including their gorgeous “Joy” sign, that allow you to write out your season’s greetings in style. The lights are attached to “a grid of wire wreath forms with heavy-duty cable ties” and can be quickly displayed on windows, garage doors, and across porch railings, as well as throughout your home. In fact, they are so easy to create, you may want to hang more than one. 

Say It With Snowflakes

Speaking of rope lights, you can create stunning hanging snowflake ornaments, perfect for decorating gazebos, trees, and porch beams. You can craft this glimmering holiday light display by “hand-twisting rope lights” in a pattern available through Martha Stewart Living and then hanging them by their cords, which are artfully hidden by ribbon. This wintry decoration is perfect for celebrating the holidays, but it is so welcoming that you might want to keep these snowflakes up until spring.

Stage Mason Jar Strands

Whether you are hoping to add holiday lighting to bedroom nightstands or want to illuminate walkways for guests, mason jars may be the key to your winter decorating. The idea is a favorite of the pros at Real Simple. “Fill a large Mason jar with a strand or two of battery-powered lights to add whimsy,” and you are done.  It’s that easy. We also love seeing them on tables for outdoor entertaining – those cold nights by the firepit take on an extra magical quality when you can see these lights twinkling in the darkness. Plus, it makes seeing your fabulous snacks even easier. 

Display a String-Light Christmas Tree 

Would you love to add a Christmas tree to your child’s room but don’t want to deal with the potential mess and expense? Holiday lighting can also help you create an ideally festive atmosphere in kids’ rooms. String lights are the key. The decorating experts at Martha Stewart Living love the idea of creating string-light Christmas trees using five strategically-placed adhesive hooks. “Felt star ornaments add to the twinkle effect and can be made using the template.” While white decorations are sure to delight, you and your kids can craft the felt ornaments using any color that makes you smile.  

Create Unique Holiday Glass Candle-Holders

Do you have pretty glassware that you can spare? Consider turning glasses, everything from whisky tumblers to chalices, into charming candle-holders by filling them with votives. If they are deep enough and solid, you may want to use votives with wicks that you can light. However, if they are placed in an area where they might be disturbed, you’ll want to use battery-operated votives. You’ll still have the beauty of the illumination but without the safety concerns. Midwest Living loves this idea and suggests taking this holiday decoration a step further by “[topping the glasses] with mini-wreaths, being sure to use non-flammable materials or to keep candle flames well away from fresh greens.” 

Hang Glowing Topiary Lanterns

Making them into stunning holiday lighting is a snap if you already have topiary lanterns. All you need to do is wrap your lights along the wire bands that form the lantern, securing them with staples or small adhesive hooks as you go. If you don’t have topiary lanterns, you can easily purchase frames at craft stores that can be wrapped with string or LED rope lights (and use twist-ties to secure them to the edges). The experts prefer the latter at Martha Stewart Living: “Rope lights, which look as if they’re filled with liquid beads, provide a smoother, more defined look than the standard string variety.” Want to go for some extra sparkle? The Magazine recommends wrapping tinsel in between the light bands and hanging these dazzling orbs from trees with thick, colorful ribbon (which will also help hide the cords). 

Drape Crackle Ball Garland

Crackle ball holiday lighting is trendy right now and with good reason! Not only do they add a sparkle in whatever space they appear, they also feature an eye-catching texture that sets them apart from traditional lanterns. It’s not surprising that Southern Living is raving about crackle ball garlands from West Elm. The Magazine loves the shimmering options and its affordable price tag. While the editors are making a plan to drape the garland along their stair rails, it also would look lovely sitting across fireplace mantels, as window treatments, and on porches (provided they can be secured against the elements). 

Light a Mistletoe Chandelier

Finally, if you want to add a sense of romance to your holiday lighting, and are up for a little DIY fun, consider creating a gorgeous mistletoe chandelier using the instructions from Martha Stewart Living. As the Magazine reveals: “Although it looks as though it has been cast from silver, the piece is made of faux mistletoe and dainty rice lights attached to a branch.” The look is refined and delicate, although by using the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Faux Mistletoe, it’s sturdy enough to last throughout the holiday season and into the new year. It’s so lovely that you’ll want to put it up again next year!