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Interior Design

How to Decorate a Master Bedroom – Creating a Peaceful Oasis

It’s possible one of the reasons you’re not sleeping as much as you should is that you haven’t invested enough time or thought in how to furnish or style your bedroom. Here are some tips on how to decorate a master bedroom to create a peaceful oasis you can retreat to at the end of the day.

Paint the master bedroom a color you find soothing

When choosing a color, remember that it’s not going to be seen in natural light very often. That may mean going a shade or two lighter if you’ve picked a darker color. Think about your bed linens and the color range they’re in. While black and white high-contrast subway tiles work well in bathrooms and kitchens, try to choose a color palette for the master bedroom that incorporates different shades of the same color and save the accents and “pops” of color for throw pillows, decorative objects, artwork, and plants.

Digitally declutter

While we all unwind in different ways, there seems to be consensus that digital devices hinder the process. Consider performing a digital declutter of your bedroom, removing everything from televisions to digital clock radios. You may still need to set an alarm to wake up, but if you use your cell phone’s alarm with the ringer turned off, you won’t really need another alarm clock. Try to ban computers from the master bedroom entirely. If you really want to watch TV in bed, invest in an armoire with doors that close so you don’t have to look at it when it’s not in use.

Consider investing in a four-poster bed or an upholstered headboard

Regardless of your decorating style, there are four-poster beds that can work in both modern and traditional bedrooms. Whether you choose to add curtains or not, a four-poster gives you a visual sense of isolation that makes the bed seem like a sanctuary.

If you read in bed, an upholstered headboard can make a world of difference to your comfort, too.

Follow the rule of threes

Keep decorative items to a minimum in your master bedroom and follow the rule of threes. Dresser and nightstand tops can easily become very cluttered. If you love pottery or glassware, collect three different pieces and arrange them on a dresser. Bonus points if the decorative items are also functional—small jars in which you can stash earrings, tie pins, or loose change, seagrass baskets that can hold scarves, or boxes of different materials and materials.

Green it up

Plants (and water) are what makes a room an oasis. While you’re not likely to be able to keep a date palm alive in a master bedroom, adding a big plant gives you not only visual interest and a huge shot of green, but the oxygen plants produce at night can help you sleep better. Since you’re probably going to have the curtains or blinds closed most of the time in your master bedroom, consider plants that thrive in low or diffused light, like peace lilies.

Add a seating area

Depending on how big your master bedroom is, you may be able to create a seating area with a couple of chairs and a small table, or build a window seat (with storage for extra blankets and pillows, out-of-season clothes, or board games) so you can watch the world go by on rainy days or read a book. If your room isn’t big enough, a blanket box or sturdy storage ottoman at the foot of the bed will work, as will an armless slipper chair in a corner.

Invest in window coverings that work for you

You may want to consider investing in both curtains and blinds or heavy lined drapes to keep light out. That goes for natural light and the sun’s tendency to poke through eastern exposures long before you actually want to wake up, as well as street lights whose glare might make getting to sleep harder.

Splurge on your bed linens

Good sheets may be the best investment you can make when decorating a master bedroom. Quality cotton sheets won’t pill and they start to feel like silk after multiple washings. Rather than choosing sheets with busy patterns, consider buying only plain colors, sheets with satin stripes, or very small patterns, and save the patterns and textures for your throw pillows, which are meant to be decorative.

Ultimately, how you choose to decorate a master bedroom is up to you. Now that you’re an adult and “go to your room!” is no longer a punishment, your master bedroom décor should reflect that while ensuring you get the kind of rest you need.