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Interior Design

Charming Guest Bedroom Ideas

As soon as you have a guest confirm their stay at your home, the rat race begins. You start washing linens so they’re fresh on arrival, you begin to tidy up and depersonalize the room while also scrambling around to ensure your loved one or friend will feel at home within the guest bedroom. However, the stress of the stay doesn’t have to be inevitable. With some unique guest bedroom ideas, you can decorate the room to ensure that whenever guests decide to stay, they’ll feel comfortable and right at home.

Embrace the More the Merrier with Unique Beds

There may be times where more than one guest is staying in your guest bedroom. It could be a couple that sleeps in separate beds, or friends and family who don’t want to share. So, you may need more than one place for your loved ones to get some shut eye. However, bunk beds aren’t always ideal for all generations and building a home addition to have more than one guest bedroom isn’t realistic.

Instead, opt for smart bedding solutions to ensure all guests will have a place to catch up on their well-needed rest and relaxation. Interior hammocks take up minimal space and will make your guests feel as if they’ve slipped away on a secret vacation. You can also have a main bed, with the addition of comfortable cots, or a bed that has a pullout for more sleeping arrangement options.

Let Your Guests Recharge their Batteries, and their Gadgets

Guests are going to need to do more than simply recharge their own batteries at the end of the day. We live in a digital age where technology has literally become our lifeline, and with that comes plenty of cords, devices and batteries to be charged. Decrease the clutter and increase organization with a stylish charging station for your guests. They’ll appreciate having everything they need to keep their gadgets alive throughout their stay.

Provide Privacy with Simple Details

No matter how well you know your guests, they still deserve their own privacy. Curtains and a bedroom door are an obvious, but it’s the small details that will really make your guests feel comfortable and welcome in your home. Install a lock on the guest bedroom door, and have stylish room dividers readily available if more than one person is staying in your guest bedroom. These simple details will make a powerful impact on their stay.

Keep the Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas Neutral

To ensure every guest feels comfortable in your guest bedroom, keep the bedroom neutral. You don’t want the room to be too feminine, nor do you want it to be too masculine, too immature or too fancy. Stick with neutrals and let the small accents of the room offer personality and style. After all, it’s much easier to swap out floral print pillows for matte black ones than it is to completely redecorate with new guest bedroom ideas.

With that said, you may also want to have a couple of guest bedroom ideas for décor readily available at any given time. Whether it’s a different bedspread, unique throw pillows or décor items, having the option to personalize your guests’ stay will certainly increase their comfort.

A Storage Option is an Absolute Must

No one likes living out of a suitcase. Even if your guests only stay for a day or two, they should still have the option to empty their suitcase and store them accordingly. If the guest bedroom is large enough, a dresser is certainly a must. If not, the closet should be emptied out for your guests’ arrival. Now, if you don’t have any additional floor space or a closet in the room, you will have to implement some creative decorating ideas that make use of valuable wall space. Install shelving units, and hang hooks on the back of the door to ensure your guests don’t have to live uncomfortably out of their suitcase during their stay.

Making your guests feel at home doesn’t have to be a stressful task. With these creative guest bedroom ideas, your spare bedroom will be ready for their arrival even if it’s last minute!