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Create More Space and Freshen Up Dated Bathrooms with Remodels

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Since bathrooms are usually among the smallest rooms in the house, unless you’re doing a complete tear out and replace, a simple bath restoration can usually be accomplished in a weekend. That’s great news for folks looking to create more space and freshen up dated bathrooms with a remodel.

Here are some suggestions for bath restorations that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Frame Your Mirror

Wall-mounted, flat mirrors are great for reflecting light and making a small room look bigger. However, by framing the mirror, either with tiles or traditional wooden framing materials, you can make the ordinary look extraordinary. Since mirrors are a large feature of most bathrooms, this is probably the biggest bang you’ll get for your buck.

Create a Bathroom Gallery

Whether it’s a series of three whimsical prints identically framed or a larger collection of small art carefully arranged on a single wall, art in the bathroom is something you and your guests will both appreciate. There’s never been a rule that bathroom art has to be tacky, or that bathrooms have to be solely functional.

Toilet bowl in modern bathroom interior


Try painting a wall or two in wide neutral stripes (two shades of the same color, for instance, on two walls that meet at a corner). Neutrals, soothing blues, greens, and grays work well, but the color you choose will have to work with your existing (or new) linens. Better to let your linens provide a pop of color than your walls. Also, try to avoid dark and shouty colors. Bubble gum pink is rarely a good idea in a bathroom.

If you like your wall color, perhaps you could paint your vanity. With all the humidity in bathrooms (even if the fan is used religiously before, during, and after every shower), many wood vanities start to look shabby while they’re still perfectly functional. Pick an accent color that works with your linens and any other furniture you may have in the room. That includes shelving, ottomans, or small linen closets.

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